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  1. Listen to PejaStojaka****. You turned gangster in t-minus 100 posts. Slow down, brutha. Hey Greg...
  2. Me and WTG are the forum GOATs as far as betting goes. Disregard all advice from everyone besides us. He deals with the monsters over in the UFC section. I keep it gangsta in the Get Acquainted section with the people who aren't dirty.
  3. rel="FiNiSH_HiM">Benson Henderson Diego Sanchez John Dodson Rafael dos Anjos Piotr Hallmann Erik Perez Sergio Pettis benoist Scott Jorgensen Jon Tuck cummins these are my picks quote class="Quote" rel="cashflow">BendoSanchez Dodson High edwards perez these are good for me Pathetic trolling attempt is pathetic.
  4. Squirting is good family fun til somebody has to replace the couch.
  5. Buncha ladies. I would've knocked off four of them with a pocket knife.
  6. cashflow

    weidman vs lyota

    Where were you when I made that thread about flag abuse? He commented in it, you dip****. You deserve every flag you get. He deserves even more than that.
  7. i reckon this will be fight of the night I reckon you've never seen Khabilov suplex someone to death.
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