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  1. What happened to all of the next events being terrible and full of cans? Now you're on The Immortal bandwagon 3-4 fights later than everyone else... Cripta = Glue Sniffer.
  2. Cripta is mad because he was once defeated in battle by a **** cat. While KhabibGOAT is wrestling bears.
  3. Cripta, dont you have some "wrong" predictions to go and make? Or some windows to lick?
  4. Brown is the underdog?!?! Wtf?! In that case, TJ Dillashaw is the favourite against Barao and Miocic is a +1000 underdog against Maldonaldo. Who works out these odds? Keith Kizer?!?!?
  5. Let Rockhold UD Silva. Hahahaha... trying to make everyone laugh again? Also, wtf is up with your "UFC 2014 Precition Record"? Some events you predict 1 fight, then the next you're predicting the whole card, then you're predicting 4 fights the event after that?!?! Are you getting a lot of decisions wrong and are just trying to iron it out to make you look good at predicting fights while being modest with the "7 wrong"? )
  6. I dont think they hate him, he got KTFO by Dong so they proceeded to give him a debutant for his next fight in his home country so he could get an easy win. If he lost that fight, he would have probably been cut.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t74pFpd1tHI bravo is the man He used the power of the GOATee to rape Royler... again!
  8. The Gracie family, like 80% of them are butthurt moaning ****es. Though they did change the whole conception of MMA. I still can't get over Renzo's lame tactic of bailing out of his fight against Frank Shamrock. I can't get over the fact that they think Eddie Bravo got dominated, when actually his performance was so one sided that he should be put on the sex offenders list.
  9. The Gracie family, like 80% of them are butthurt moaning ****es. Though they did change the whole conception of MMA.
  10. Cripta's Occupation: Window licking
  11. Only took 46 million views before the video got to my latitudes The scene is 4:18 in......nice commercial though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XviR7esUvo Thats a great commercial, but considering Jones is featured, I wonder why he blanked out his Nike logos for the Glover fight.
  12. I wanted to fight like a champion but my bus desperately needed some carrots.
  13. I won the fight but the judges gave it to the other guy. ^Actually a valid excuse these days with the piss poor judging.
  14. I can see Cripta is still just following how the betting odds go and picks the favourite each time. I reckon his account will be deleted if Glover wins.
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