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  1. Yes, i seen him fight a few times in Louisiana. He is legit. He is from Shreveport LA, and trained with Tim creder out of Lafayette La. He is now fighting out of ATT Florida. He came up with Dustin Poirier and those guys out of LA.
  2. I purchased vip fan expo tickets. It says early entry to weigh in. Does anyone know what time that is?
  3. I wonder how the reebok deal will affect the fan expo. Will there be other vendors there?
  4. Anyone know the ufc magazine june/july code? My wife threw mine away,before i could get to it.
  5. I bought vip tickets. Do you know if they mail them or will call only? Also, is there a vendor/fighter booth layout yet?
  6. Yeah man, it is a mess. there are a lot of people trying to get these tickets
  7. He always said he was not good in other sports... Yikes!
  8. Brandoa???? Dustin poirier should be fighting Mcgregor. Dustin is a top guy, not Brandoa.
  9. Once Jones goes to HW, he will take over that division also...Too much skills. Those HW are too slow for BONES JONES...
  10. Dustin is a beast, and ready for a top 5 guy.
  11. Machida gave that boy fighting lessons. Hit and dont get hit.
  12. Dustin Poirier... He meets you in the middle of cage and loves to bang. He will dethrone Aldo, or Pettis
  13. It does'nt look like Dana white gives Poirier any respect. Poirier should be fighting top 5 guys. Dana never says anything about Poirier. I guess he is not Dana's guy.
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