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  1. Lol your boy ran and shot for takedowns. And got his face rearranged.
  2. Lol someone needs to throw a pic of perrys face caved in on the can after reading some of these cringe takes
  3. Every beta that goes for slams just uses it to lay on people Queen Andrade would slam her and then pick her back up to try to get the ko again. Those slams should be listed as strikes and not takedowns.
  4. He proved he is a fake brazilian. Why the hell was he speaking in English
  5. You are an IDIOT Lineker fought an actual GIANT and made his brain come out of his nose Perry cut 50 lbs lost the first, won the second by laying on him and then won the worst round of 2019 after that rat broke his foot.
  6. Ye and then seconds later he will land 50 overhand rights and retire him
  7. He will pull a Rumble and move up to heavyweight and you will see just how jacked he is
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