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  1. I might be wrong but it feels like Izzy will get figured out by other fighters. I mean lets not forget Gastelum actually gave him a good fight
  2. This guy wins a fight and start acting like he is the new thing ... then he loses, disappears then win again and the cycle repeats
  3. Dude is just being a clown not expecting anything serious but hoping for it
  4. I will agree with that. Dude is super underrated imo
  5. True and that was probably what Dana was hoping for.
  6. Yeah I was reading that too. I honestly never cared about this trilogy and wouldn’t mind watching Conor vs someone else
  7. Yeah I see your point but honestly there are some interesting fights in that division still I think. But yeah the division is slowly dying
  8. Im not gonna post any link seus latas. Who you got ? Glover’s chin is shot but I gotta a feeling he takes this one by submission
  9. You are clearly butthurt mate you clearly lost the first round of it
  10. Thats a very bold prediction mate I know you are a goat on predictions but now you are being too bold lol
  11. Some interesting fights for sure. The winner of main event will clearly be the one most likely getting a rematch with Izzy imo.
  12. Yeah gotta a feeling Tuivasa will get the W
  13. Well yes but also do you know who else got a lot to loose on a Jones defeat ? Dana! Why I think that ? Well Jones, like him or not, is still one of the remaining drawers and no, if Jones gets KTFO Reem style how are they gonna sell his next fight ? They need to keep Jones “victorious” because , Khabib is gone, Amanda (if we can call her a drawer) got no opponents, Conor is always a question, Izzy just lost (same scenario as Jones) and NG is the new hype that needs to be built. So yeah Jones fighting Jan at 205 is probably the safest route for Dana and it would probably sell well too.
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