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  1. Honestly I can see him pulling out, vacating the title and coming back sometime next year for a title fight against whoever is the champ at that moment then retire for good after getting the title back (if he does). I doubt he fights Justin tho
  2. Gotta a feeling Perry is gonna KO Gall outcold
  3. Thats the fight to be made at 145 right now. Good main event material too
  4. I actually turned the TV off mid round 3 Pathetic!
  5. gotta respect the grappling of Miller
  6. good fight time for a break now lol
  7. JDS is looking pretty good. Lost a bunch weight and looks like a LHW lol Lets see if that will change anything inside the octagon with speed etc
  8. The sad part is that if he wins then he will tell people to stop doubting him, his dad will say he is his boy and he is gonna ask for a title shot lol
  9. skillandpower

    RIP Uriah Hall

    Opposite Dana actually seems to love Romero. It is probably a tailor made fight for Yoel to put a couple of Ws streak then get another shot considering how his fight with Izzy went down.
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