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  1. Please forgive my ignorance but he can still come back. I doubt baldy will or would let him go away without a defeat to make him look stupid. Yan vs Aldo could be the set up for that assuming Yan beats Aldo because Yan will absolutely beat Cejudo too
  2. and old man Silva got a very high chance of beating Conor imo
  3. true it is almost as if they do this just to see how much attention from the media they get
  4. Meh I don’t buy into this little “day in the office” argument that probably ends with a drink and some laughs
  5. I agree. Maybe just one those rumors to study the fans and the reactions
  6. Whittaker is another Cain I will only believe when he is inside the cage I like the matchup tho
  7. Moraes will probably get paid to be ready to step in lol
  8. Conor looking for a high profile that he knows he can beat, get his second W and maybe promote something else ? Some of you guys will come at me but I actually think this could be a 50/50 fight mainly because of a size difference and Conors cardio not being the best ? Old washed up Andy did hang in there with Izzy so ....
  9. totally at this point who knows if Aldo will even make the weight
  10. never mind ... it is now turning out to be an interesting card with some pretty interesting match ups. Main event is actually one of the least interesting lol
  11. Love Aldo but this will be his retirement fight (at least mentally). Yan finishes him
  12. off topic but no way Aldo beats Yan but I do agree with you
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