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  1. skillandpower

    MTP is cringe

    LW becomes interesting again with KhabiGOAT retirement but I dont believe he will be gone forever
  2. skillandpower

    Suck it

    Regardless of the weight in chit, Khabib went there, walk Justin down and finish him on his own game. Just wow! Khabib walks Justin down in the first round like Justin didnt belong there, then when I thought Justin was starting to land the leg kicks, Khabib takes him down and basically puts him to sleep. Wow, just wow!
  3. yeah but Im sure baldy wants that Dudes like Weidman, Andy etc are in a level where they get paid to help promote upcomers and show where these new guys stand If Chimaev beats Weidman in highlight fashion Im sure he will then be one more W away from a shot if that
  4. I still think this fight is an ideal fight for Chimaev for many reasons If he destroys Chris in a way that everybody talks about it then Im sure baldy will consider give him a shot next Summer
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mma/weidman-wants-to-serve-chimaev-humble-pie-this-january/ar-BB1a76Se?ocid=uxbndlbing and apparently Chimaev accepted ? I think this is the best name for Chimaev at this moment. What you guys think ?
  6. It was nice seeint Volkans cousing as a ref tho
  7. Well definitely not KZ night Not himself at all Ortega did not do great either. Both dudes would have a disappointing meeting with Alex and even Max as well
  8. I will agree with the adrenaline factor
  9. Not sure if Ortega is looking so good like the commentators are saying or KZ is looking bad lol
  10. almost like he is not ready to be there tonight
  11. Both guys are not showing any title shot material, sorry. Max and Alex beat both
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