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  1. I started the year well I vouch to be the first brazilian champ on this Tournament it is normal
  2. True. I think baldy was hoping Kattar to put the performance that Max did and not the other way around so they could have Kattar is a fresh contender. Same with Buckley losing against that dude. In a perfect world for UFC, Kattar would finish Max and Buckley would get another highlight KO but on well ... (insert Danas mad face here)
  3. You are prob right but you mean Jones would just sit and wait for the winner like for some big card later in the year ? maybe IFW ?
  4. Interesting to see who Jones will fight then
  5. That was pathetic Khabib probably made a good 100k just to authorize Dana to say that and help to sell the PPV card lol So now they are selling UFC 257 as the “Khabib is watching” card lol
  6. Ortega might offer some problems for Volk I still wanna see Volk vs Ortega 3 after tonights card
  7. Just now watched the main card and wow what a card Holloway put up a clinic performance and I would not mind Volk vs Holloway 3
  8. I just noticed that I really don’t like early cards
  9. I think the plan is a super fight between Izzy and Jones early 2022 depending on how good both guys do at at LHW (Izzy) and HW (Jones)
  10. look at us acting like we don’t know when Dana denies something ... Dana said it won’t be Ferg Ferg vs Nate will be announced soon lol
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