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  1. I still dont get why they can not give Chimaev another opponent
  2. Why re book this fight then ? There are many option for Chimaev still
  3. It seems like that’s the new thing with NewFC lately Im noticing: they are trying to promote nobodies as “promising prospects” when in reality some of these “prospects” only crushed some other cans
  4. Quick turn around for Fig and Moreno apparently
  5. True Do you think Fig will be able to cut 125 for how long ?
  6. By reading the comments I feel bad for Perry
  7. this card shouldn’t be even a PPV
  8. Im not watching the PPV but so far based on what Im reading Shogun got embarrassed
  9. Moreno was going to lose that fight if it wasn’t for the injury
  10. No way Antonina is Valentinas sister lol
  11. Love this match up Gotta a weird feeling that Justin took Fergs soul
  12. If Oliveira wins and does not get the next title shot I will no longer watch this chit ... well I will but I will be pissed lol
  13. you are a super filthy casual Bubba is the type of casual that wears Lesnar’s shirt and gets excited for a Ronda fight
  14. Im not a bit surprised that Khabib will comeback someday. Maybe he will be out for 2021 which is reasonable and make a huge title fight comeback against whiever will be the champ in 2022
  15. I like the match up Gotta a feeling Kattar takes it
  16. Shogun/Craig and Perry/Tim are the only fights that matter on the main card The title fights are laughable
  17. exactly he shouldn’t brag about this chit
  18. cant really blame him Way more respect for Felder loss than RDA win
  19. he is fighting like a coward if he wins doing this he should not be too proud
  20. yeah RDA is doing some boring sack sniffing
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