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  1. If Aldo manages to make the weight cut, he'll need a knock out within 2 rounds. I don't see him winning a decision.
  2. Agree. I might actually put the house on this one.
  3. Thai Chi is not all about martial arts. It's about harmony and learning how to relax the body and mind and the result is a more peaceful and tranquil "YOU."
  4. Soup, I would like to offer a little advice. You need some type of belief or religion in your life. If that is too extreme, I offer you the next best thing which imo is Thai Chi. Thai Chi will help you, I promise.
  5. You are a lower life form and that's why this low-life idea came to you.
  6. I have to agree with tigerchmp. Jeeps are garbage. You need something affordable and reliable. Hit me up if you want some recommendations.
  7. Awesome thread,, Stomp. I picked up biking about a year ago. I have also started playing guitar again.
  8. How do you have a hand injury when you have no hands?
  9. It's between Biden and Sanders. My vote goes to Sanders but I'm afraid there's too much hate and ignorance to overthrow the buffoon.
  10. Jason_H.

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    If they were the same size, it would be a great fight. Unfortunately, Jones is too big and imo he's on the verge of moving to HW.
  11. I've been good, my brother. My kids are getting older and with that I'm just more busy...plus i work swing shift that sometimes end at 4am. Basically, i have very little time for myself these days. The free time i have are used to upkeep the house i recently bought. Aside from all that, I'm doing pretty well. How have you been, Freddie? And btw, good to see you back.
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