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  1. This is going to be a great fight, and I think DC has a fighters shot at winning but let be honest here, who has he beat at LHW? Also, Jon beats the HW's DC beat. I will say I think if DC can close range, his hands are faster, and he has more power, but NO ONE has been able to close range on Jon. Gus closed range with reach, I don't see Jon letting DC get close. Expect a ton of oblique kicks! Even with saying that Ive got this fight close, 60/40 for the Champ Bones...cant wait to watch this one!!
  2. Just sent my info, rolling solo but F-it. No else has $$, lady aint down. IM GOING REGARDLESS!! 1st UFC Vegas Card and its SPIDER-DIAZ!!

  3. Looks like Ill be on the floor for Spider-Diaz!

  4. Hey everyone need help! UFC SUPERFAN like us all. I am close to buying a package for Spider-Diaz, only the Elite and Superfan are available, all rest sold out. I figure Anderson getting older no to many more chances to see him and with Diaz this fight has very hi entertainment potential, the card is stacked top to bottom! Has anyone here every gotten the Elite Package at MGM, how are the seats??
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