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  1. Are all tickets at T-Mobile Arena "Flash Seats"? Is there an E-Ticket option available for overseas fans travelling to Las Vegas, who don't have the app available to them? An E-Ticket option appears to be available on the www.axs.com website, but could it be T-Mobile Arena just doesn't allow E-Tickets, only "Flash Seats". Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm not exactly happy about the situation, but the fact is, like it or not, if the only way to see "Ultimate Fighter" or particular "Fight Night" events that are EXCLUSIVE TO "FIGHT PASS", I've got to be on "Fight Pass". My issue is, if the UFC Corporation then block events from being available to a large number of countries, that's not right. It's either you're a "Fight Pass" subscriber, you've paid your subscription, and you get the events, or your not a subscriber and you don't. I will be cancelling my subscription if I can't access the fights that others who subscribe to "Fight Pass" can, simply because that person just happens to reside in the "appropriate"country that's been deemed worthy to receive that event. It's not fair, and in my mind, probably not a great way to promote this "new" mode of distribution whilst still very much in it's infancy, trying to attract loyal UFC/MMA fans to becoming "Fight Pass" members.
  3. I recently signed up for Fight Pass, but so many of the fights I click on, come up with the message below, or similar. What's the point of Fight Pass if you can't access particular fights, in particular, the UFC Fight Night events. Really want to watch the Hunt v Bigfoot UFC Fight Night event, that I attended in person back in December 2013. Is this possible on Fight Pass? Living in Australia, is Fight Pass always going to lock out the ability for me to view UFC Fight Night events, as that is how it appears, at this point in time? Will the Gustafsson v Manuwa event be available to Fight Pass viewers in Australia this coming weekend, or on the day, will I be receiving the message below once again? I hope not. It doesn't make sense.
  4. This Bigfoot v Hunt event is on at 8.30am Saturday morning? That's an early one! Bigfoot will be fighting just after he's had his breakfast. Any chance of getting a floor plan of the venue to help in planning purchasing tickets? Thanks.
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