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  2. And what are you campaigning for Bubba? Helmet free Fridays so you can run around the park ****itng and pisisng your pants with a stupid smile on your dumb fukc face?
  3. Hey ya try and put something out there just to try something different to the current system but then ya realize ya trying to educate fukcing retards!! You prikcs are sucking up oxygen that could be better used by people with actual brain cells in their heads. You're all Absolute Fukcing Morons!
  4. Great response! Were you born stupid or was it something they taught you at school? That's assuming you even went to school, you banjo playing inbred!!!
  5. And why not ban whatever the fcuk you want, there is obviously a ban on you having a brain you unintelligent waste of space!
  6. No dichkead I'm from The greatest country in the fukcing world and and if i could cut off the top of your head and take a look inside we'd probably find a mouse running around looking for a piece of cheese where your brain should be!
  7. Draft for proposed new scoring system for MMA fights. The current system for scoring and deciding MMA fights is antiquated and is not a true reflection of the contest and therefor should no longer be used to determine the outcome of MMA fights. No other competitive sports, other than fighting are decided by the accumulation of rounds or periods won, they are all decided by total scores accumulated from the entirety of the contest. This is the main reason the current round by round scoring system does not work no matter how you score the round whether it be a 10/9 or 10/8 round because it still goes against the scoring of the contest in it's entirety. For example Patriots 6 7 3 17 = 33 Raiders 7 10 7 7 = 31 Obviously the PATRIOTS win the game but if that was scored like in an MMA fight then the RAIDERS would be the winner on the basis that they won 3 quarters to 1 quarter or more likely: 10/9 Raiders 10/9 Raiders 10/9 Raiders 10/8 Patriots = RAIDERS 38 PATRIOTS 37 So no matter how you look at it the round by round system is flawed and should never be used to decide future MMA contests. Judges who score these fights can not be held accountable at present because there IS no official scoring to decide the winner of a fight, just an accumulation of 3 people's opinions. Also I've never seen any other professional sports that have officials just arrive at the contest and give their opinions without any formal training or accountability. So how do we fix this? Well for starters the current system has to be thrown out completely and you have to start again with a blank canvas or else it would be like building a luxury apartment on top of a crack house. The fights should still be fought exactly how they are now, but scored in their entirety with the breaks between rounds as simply that, rest periods for the fighters. So how do we score the fights? Simple really, what you see in real time needs to be scored in real time on an official scorecard. For example each exchange between the fighters should be scored as it happens. I pt given for strikes and 2pts given for significant strikes, 2 points for completed takedowns, 1pt for moving into better positions such as side control, full mount, taking of the back etc. Obviously octagon control and clinching up against the cage is a little more difficult to define but maybe accrue single points over time for that one for the fighter in control. Also just like other sports you do not get points for defence and that would be exactly the same here. By doing this you can then add up the scores at the end of the fight and you should have the correct winner! You can then just look at the scores of a fight and know which one's were excitng with a lot of exchanges and which one's were lack luster. The other benefit of scoring fights as such would mean that judges can NOW be held accountable as their 'real time' scorecards can be matched up with the video of the fight and they would have to explain themselves if they scored the fight incompetently. If this better scoring system was put in to place these judges would then need to be trained in the art of scoring a fight just like other officials in other professional sports and rightly so! These fighters put everything into these training camps and fights and continually get ripped off by incompetent judging and an inadequate scoring system! TIME4CHANGE👊 Wayne Walters UFC Fan!
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