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  1. Close fight, reyes did damage in the 1st not a ton but it was damage maybe even lyoto damage level. I had it 1-2 reyes 4-5 jones, that 3rd round was close though and under the old rules, goes to jones. Rematch wont happen because of corey anderson who been knowing how to beat jones for 5 yrs... You have to beat the champ to be the champ, make title fights 5th round unlimited.
  2. Nobody has paid for events since the ESPN merger, I was anti stram until I paid for the first 2 ppv on espn and realized the strams had better quality, good job espn lol
  3. If they keep 3 divisions, They need to do a 120,130,140. 125 and 135 become 130...the fatties from 135 move up to 140 with 145ers on a diet. The 115 and 125 become 120..the fatties from 125 go to 130 with 135ers on a diet. Anyway you look at it the outcome remains, these beyotches need to go on diets and hit the kitchen. I guess
  4. Should be ben rothwell headlining vs khabib How great is overeems management team? Damn they are solid with the negotiations and payouts tho.
  5. Need a win over someone a few people have heard of, so people forget you have a glass jaw? Call up chris weidman at 1-205-easyko. Hes still your boy!
  6. Usman waits on gsp too long and gets murdered, you cant wait on gsp. Colby smothers gsp back with pitter patter punches in bunches, colby vs gsp would be a good fight until it hit the ground then it would be like watching 2 towels in a dryer. Either way nobody buying these ppvs. Women forgot who gsp is, men dont like watching his fights due to style. Not to mention usman and Colby are not champion status fighters regardless if they have a belt or not, bums.
  7. Nobody really cares, unfortunately fans had the highest high when rose ktfo joanna, then rose killed the division for too long hiding...then a controversial ko, then a no name foreigner gets a suspect ko at home in the country with the biggest population.... All this let down and it's still better than joanna as champion after getting her **** kicked 3 times in a row.... Only one thing can "save" this division.....suarez dry humping barber and whatever other "semi hot chick" the ufc can hype up to be gsp'd by suarez. Also swae Lee bodies joanna within 3
  8. Khabib gonna starch Tony, Tony's hype is based around his "awkwardness" and by awkwardness I mean he gets his **** kicked 12 times a fight until people get tired of beating him, he gets mopped by khabib 10/10. Discipline beats craziness. Plus tony lost to rando vanatta.... Real question is wheres t-city vs Tony? For a shot at the great khabib.
  9. Ufc counting on Conor landing that spinning body kick......uncle dana praying that cowboy dont rock him and submit him. And it does matter the rest of the card because this is a casuals main event, no ranking no bmf nonsense just 2 unranked fighters in a weight class they get slaughtered in headlining at the end of the day. This card needs gaethje, Charlie olives, kevin lee, someone anyone to make it relevant
  10. Sure why not? She has savage stand up, if I'm forced to watch wmma it might as well be a stand up slugfest with good tdd or semi hot chicks, and since I dont see many of them.....
  11. Paige gonna die! Ribas is a savage, been a fan since jungle fights
  12. What's the criteria? Best ko/sub/dec from.... a fans perspective? Business marketing wise(global brand recognition)? Fighters/martial artists pov? Shock value? Are we talking statistically or opinion based? Lol From marketing side I'd say mac/aldo or honda gktfo. From a fan I'd say masvidal/askren or yair/zombie.. Shock value as a fan(we all knew holly was gonna smoke honda)/business man I'd say tj/barao... I'm not good at these lists hahaha I over analyze everything, thanks for ruining my day pal lol
  13. Yoel is capable of beating any fighter under 225 on any day of the year, and started too late in his life, could you imagine like an under 30 yr old prime yoel at 185 or even 205? The line up of possibilities would've been mindboggling. Shogun,machida,chuck,anderson,griffin,franklin, Rashad,hendo, yoel couldve been the goat if he started earlier. But yeah not moving the needle like robert whittaker did in 0 fights in 2 years smh
  14. Hes gonna end up fighting Josh Thomson in bellator,one or some asian organization for one last check
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