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  1. Where you been at, niglet?

  2. He had such a great career. RIP http://sportv.globo.com/site/combate/noticia/2017/01/ultimate-encaminha-cigano-como-desafiante-de-miocic-para-o-ufc-211.html
  3. TIL it's stupid to march protesting a foreigner president, but it's really cool to skywrite the name of a foreigner president
  4. That fight was fixed you fool Can you not recognize ketchup?
  5. Did you want you share it, or did you feel obligated because it made you LAUGH?
  6. Chael is so bad it's hard to distinguish between fixed and just pathetic. Either way it's embarrassing.
  7. One day later, but I hope you had a nice birthday, Sober. Next year we'll have Eclipse throwing you a Disney Theme Party
  8. I'm actually on Team **** HBO. I'd rather let the writer do his thing at his timing before starting a TV series anyway. Good writers do ****ty jobs under pressure. Also, imagine how ****ing hard it is to fill all the gaps* in GoT? I reckon the fat ****'s house must be looking like this
  9. I live by that rule. I also applied something similar to movies that I felt I should see but didn't really wanted (you know?): I'd watch them without portuguese subtitles, so in case I didn't end up liking it, I'd at least improve my english
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