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  1. Usually the phrase "I want some of what you are on" is said in a derogatory way, but this series is letting me down, and with every fibre of my being wish I appreciated it as much as you are. Im dying on the inside. I want some of the OG series, Vader is your father, Leia is your sister, big bad drops his boss down a shaft kind of business, not the fly point A to point B and just do this task for me. I have the sinking feeling we are going to get 2 more episodes of the same ole same ole, he will band together with the frogs, minger with the hanger and the technicolour Mandolorians, throw down with Gideon, get the Dark Sabre, and the leader pink power ranger buys the farm. Calling it now, Mando the adopted warrior, becomes reluctant king of his people Sword in the Stone style and wins the homeworld back with the help of the Jedi... is where not this season, but where this show ends up. I dont know how Star wars went from ANH to ESB, got shakey with ROTJ, shat the bed for the first 3, found the sweet spot again with RO, then got back on the pipes for the last 3. This show may as well have a new death star every week, Im finding it stunningly shallow. I couldnt be more desperate for this franchise to get it together.
  2. what new content is there on Disney streaming for it to be rivals with? Thought it was just their existing content with Mandolorian first of the new generation... if thats the case being 5x better than re-runs isnt all that good.
  3. China cough never really interrupted my life either, never missed a day of work to it ( I lie, had a cough and was sent home mid day Friday and had test and results by Sunday). My Mrs works in Disabled education, and my childerbeast had a bit off as schools were shut for a while, but Sydney Australia has been business as usual for months now for everybody, with a few caveats for pubs, clubs and restaurants. You can say what you want about isolation or non isolation, but statistics dont lie. If a bunch of convicts were able to be more responsible than the rest of to world, and we are definitely not know for it, I dont understand how the rest of the world ended up how it is. What are the preferred flavours of crayons in the northern hemisphere?
  4. disappointed.... thought Cash would be posting pics of Jordans by now
  5. Not that I can say with any certainty where exactly they are going, or how they will continue to glue it all together without Iron Man, but they are shaping up to hit some pretty interesting storylines. They have the money and the CGI abilities these days to do some pretty wild stuff if they do choose to go balls to the wall... I wouldnt cash out just yet.
  6. Scarlet Witch, while we never really got to see her throw down, was the most powerful of the hero's without a doubt.... the kind of power set where she could will you into oblivion powerful. They tried to show how bad-**** she was when she stepped up to Thanos and he had his fleet blasting the entire battle field idiscriminately to distract her, but if you didnt know what she was about, it kind of fell short. Scarlet Witches chink in her armour is that she is kind of weak between the ears. Irrational, emotional wreck 24/7. Her brother bought the farm in Age of Ultron, her parents dying was the reason her and her brother signed up to be lab rats and be given powers, then she had to kill Vision only to watch the time get rewound and watch Thanos do it again. This show looks to follow "House of M", where she falls apart emotionally and wills Vision back into existence, in the comics she even makes her own kids.Im talking she makes real living beings. If I was to assume what is going on as far as the old TV show vibe, I would take a punt on her having created her own reality, basing it on the re-runs of old black and white TV shows and their idealised portrayal of the perfect family unit, a reference she likely takes from her childhood in a chitty 3rd world backwater European country. Doesnt sound overly exciting, but without giving it all away, this series will likely lay the ground work for some next level Marvel movie, and needed the longer format of 10 x 1 hr series to show how far she has disintergrated between the ears, and how powerful she truly is.
  7. Tchalla should have taken the snap so RDJ didnt have to die...
  8. got rocked hard enough to lose the will to continue and tap to strikes...
  9. Im glad you are safe too... you cannot call the modelling bad if you change the parameters though... The 3 day doubling, exponential growth, has been proven across the globe to only be curtailed by ammending possible means for infection (ie.lack of international travel). The difference between 30,000 and 3,500 as far as an exponential growth curve isnt more the a few percent (less than 10% out) considering the duration of the epedemic, then factor in the ability of medical services to deal with the lower patient flow thus reducing fatalities. A small percentage drop in infection rate has an amazing relation to hospitalisation rate, and then the ability for successful treatment. The hot tip from me, my partner being involved with teaching disabled children, is that if she records a positive infection she is removed from duty indefinitely as the data supposedly suggests that a negative result doesnt indicate immunity nor the ability to still transmit. My work isnt telling me the same, though high risk sectors are getting better information. Says alot for those backing herd immunity and why Italys motion to add it to passports hasnt made it through internationally.
  10. I understand you mentioned the possible variables in the last sentence, though only 3500 Swedes dying is a direct result of the rest of the world shutting down passenger aircraft. Sweden is relying on a few variables when deciding its course of action. Sweden is cashing in on doing nothing on the tab the rest of the world is picking up! Sweden has 10.3M pop, Australia has 25M... you guys have 3.5k deaths we have sub 100.... Who did it better? I havent missed a day of work, nor has my Mrs. You are here talking up a 7000% mortality rate as a positive? Not going to lie here, you talking up how well Sweden is doing. is your latest hot take on " its just a flu". You are way out of your lane on this again!
  11. you keep saying 13 punches ... may have thrown 13, definitely didnt land them all, and i cannot stand Cruz so Im not fanboying
  12. Cowboy had to be on the take... that was awful, turtled from a toed slap kick. Didnt even get off a strike, didnt try to tie him up off his back... just took it. Only the last 3 shots on the ground really connected... looked obvious
  13. lost the striking every round... did he win those rounds grappling? lol please
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