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  1. got rocked hard enough to lose the will to continue and tap to strikes...
  2. Im glad you are safe too... you cannot call the modelling bad if you change the parameters though... The 3 day doubling, exponential growth, has been proven across the globe to only be curtailed by ammending possible means for infection (ie.lack of international travel). The difference between 30,000 and 3,500 as far as an exponential growth curve isnt more the a few percent (less than 10% out) considering the duration of the epedemic, then factor in the ability of medical services to deal with the lower patient flow thus reducing fatalities. A small percentage drop in infection rate has an amazing relation to hospitalisation rate, and then the ability for successful treatment. The hot tip from me, my partner being involved with teaching disabled children, is that if she records a positive infection she is removed from duty indefinitely as the data supposedly suggests that a negative result doesnt indicate immunity nor the ability to still transmit. My work isnt telling me the same, though high risk sectors are getting better information. Says alot for those backing herd immunity and why Italys motion to add it to passports hasnt made it through internationally.
  3. I understand you mentioned the possible variables in the last sentence, though only 3500 Swedes dying is a direct result of the rest of the world shutting down passenger aircraft. Sweden is relying on a few variables when deciding its course of action. Sweden is cashing in on doing nothing on the tab the rest of the world is picking up! Sweden has 10.3M pop, Australia has 25M... you guys have 3.5k deaths we have sub 100.... Who did it better? I havent missed a day of work, nor has my Mrs. You are here talking up a 7000% mortality rate as a positive? Not going to lie here, you talking up how well Sweden is doing. is your latest hot take on " its just a flu". You are way out of your lane on this again!
  4. you keep saying 13 punches ... may have thrown 13, definitely didnt land them all, and i cannot stand Cruz so Im not fanboying
  5. Cowboy had to be on the take... that was awful, turtled from a toed slap kick. Didnt even get off a strike, didnt try to tie him up off his back... just took it. Only the last 3 shots on the ground really connected... looked obvious
  6. lost the striking every round... did he win those rounds grappling? lol please
  7. I can still remember the first time I watched MMA too...
  8. Worst Champ... We arent talking road to the belt, we arent talking PPV buys, we arent talking who they beat... we are talking worst Champ... Worst win of a belt would be Hughes winning via going to sleep. Anderson Silva had one of the most blessed runs to a title, beat Leben first fight in promo for his shot, on a one fight win streak from another promotion... Montano retiring with the belt, is in my eyes, better than GSP taking Bispings belt and vacating (only because he seems to be still in the picture somewhat, will retract if he retires outright, but a Silva superfight was on the cards at the very least). In my opinion Conor is the worst Champ, not because I dont like him, not because I dont think he didnt deserve his shots, nor because I am trying to negate his Wins... He is a bad Champion because he has zero intention of ever defending a belt after winning it. He hadnt completely cleaned divisions out, there were killers in waiting both times in the UFC. He is a bad champion. Him attaining belts only leads to a spanner in the works, while he continues to fight elsewhere.
  9. Didnt mind Carnival Row... aesthetically pleasing, though the writing is fairly basic. Dont know if the world was too big for them to deliver on the lore and over-arcing sub plots at the same time or they dont have it in them, but it was a good enough outing for a pilot series and has me hoping they have laid enough groundwork to get grittier from here on out.
  10. Fixed you probably also believe Trump is the best candidate to be President because he was voted in to power. People are idiots, Consensus amongst morons isnt an indicator of ability. Never has been, never will be.
  11. confirmed.... Too bad they already cast Mahershala Ali as the daywalker.
  12. when they first announced Wandavision, I was kind of disappointed, but once I got my head around it, I have to say, I am pretty excited. Caveat, as long as they give it the budget it will need and should set up Strange 2 quite well... Wanda has always been mentally fragile in the comics, and Wandavision screams of a bastardised version of the storyline when Wanda wills children of Vision through her powerset into existence, as they cannot have real children seeing as Vision is essentially a sentient robot. If her series goes as I expect, and is about her mental decine after losing Vision in Infinity War, and Thanos then evaporating the stones, and she slips away from reality into a fantasy life of her with Vision and Kids enabled by her powerset, I will be super pumped! That sets the scene for a full powered war between Scarlet Witch who has been criminally underpowered in the MCU, and Dr Strange, outside the realms of reality. In Dr Strange 1, I was pleased that they set the glass bubble training room up so they could bend reality and buildings in a space that didnt effect the real world. Im not going to lie, at the start of Endgame, when Stark said he was 11 light years from earth, then Captain Piss Flaps flew him home instantly, that I did the maths and knew she flew [(speed of light) x 11 x 365] to get him home. Doesnt sound that bad, until Thanos' ship had time to target her and fire on her as she flew into the final battle, or that she could move that quick but still lost a fight with Thanos. She should have turned up after a flash that was her wiping the floor with everything as she could move that fast. I am all for buying into sci-fi or comics that follow lore, I love it, I even buy that the power stone allowed Thanos to make Captain Gash grab the comb. But how did he catch her? Strange 2 can really let it hang out if they set the stage with the tv series. Horror flick will be a new tilt on the gerne and something fresh.
  13. I knew.... but as an Australian I just wanted to make you type it.
  14. he also said Shazam was a good movie IIRC.... If you go in thinking it is a terribad movie, then you will enjoy it somewhat. Its a frustrating movie. More like 2 movies disjointedly crammed into one. As an introduction movies it doesnt have the emotional buy in of say GOTG, it doesnt earn that investment in the character they were aiming for. So the character arc is kind of hollow, and the story arc seems rushed and shoe horned. I think the story had so much promise, I really liked what they were aiming at, but the story telling failed like it was the bullet point presentation of what it should have been if that makes sense?
  15. Starlord / Gamora and Spiderman / Iron man pauses, where in the middle of an intergalactic battlefield they apparently found the only dead spots without a single soul to be seen, was up there with Team Flaps having enough time to line up. Team Flaps was incredibly infuriating though... Its up there with the applause Black Canther got for black empowerment. Whoopee, a fictional African city has an all black cast. Serkis had em all eating dust. Nice Rhinos breh!
  16. Im pleased that it wasnt a Jamie redemption story... leopard cannot change his spots kind of gig. That said, the last two seasons have the finesse of a sledge hammer. Its as if Weis and Benihoff (I care as much for spelling their names as they have of continuing and involved narrative) read the standing literature, made their own assumptions, though once they got the rundown from the fatman as to the ending, they had to shoehorn in the rest of the story arcs. I pty the Star Wars franchise....
  17. I was watching this enjoying it as much as, if not more than the episode, and my Mrs commented that it reminded her of what it was like to watch it with me. She says I ruined the episode for her. She ruined my life, so we are nowhere near even.
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