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  1. Long history? He's pulled out of one fight ever and taken 2 fights in the ufc on extreme short notice, aldo has pulled out of 5 title fights and never stepped up on short notice. They are not comparable
  2. They are a bunch of soft pacifist's who couldn't win a fight to save their life. They lost a war to emu's for Christ's sake lmao
  3. Enjoy the show Australia but just remember yall will never have the pleasure of calling one of your own champion.
  4. Lol bisping. Such a joke. As Weidman stated on his legendary periscope account he could literally knock Michael out cold within 30 seconds while sleepwalking.
  5. Wow that was almost cringeworthy seeing how bad elliot has lost it mentally there. Just when I thought mr robot was real he's not?? Still was crazy when elliot broke the 4th wall like that. Still how do darlene and Angela know each other? And how did tyrell and Mr robot have a conversation last episode? How are they going to bring mr robot back into the equation? Will Angela join evil corp? Will the elliot/Vera situation ever get resolved? Will Joanna really leave tyrell? Will the police catch him? Will elliot ever get it together? So many questions I demand answers!!!
  6. All joking aside I would be shocked if any of the following were not roiding: Romero Aldo RDA Rockhold Vitor Flighty Can
  7. I have grown to like Bisping idk how but if he gets matchup with Whittaker then he will for sure get knocked out again.
  8. Much better fight. I think hall will keep the distance and bloody moose face up then knock him out with strikes. Speed and power difference in this fight will be unreal
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