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  1. i ordered mine on the 2nd of jan 2014 and its still not here :/
  2. They want JDS to fight guys that aren't good enough to fight for a title or draw attention to a title fight. Stipe is a good HW fighter but he's not going to fight for a title, JDS KOing him doesn't hurt them and it sets JDS on his way back to the top of the division. yeah man so true. i really wouldnt want the 4th fight to happen with him and velasquez. Its unfair for the other heavyweights
  3. In my opinion, i believe this fight is a total mismatch. I think JDS is way better than Miocic and is going to dominate most of the fight. I feel that Dos Santos should had been paired up against someone such as Josh Barnett; someone who is more experienced in the sport. That for me is more of a fair fight. Yet, this is MMA. You will never know what will happen. Travis Browne was the heavy underdog for his past two fights and took them out in the most devastating fashion, So, anything can happen What do you guys think?
  4. That's not a superfight There is nothing super about Jones excuse me handsome, he is the #1 P4P fighter in the UFC right now. thats not special?
  5. As you know, there have been rumours about these two men fighting sometime this year. Everyone is saying that Jones would win this, but personally i feel that Velasquez has higher chances of winning this. In my opinions he has better takedowns and wrestling. His natural heavyweight body type would give him the power and strength advantage over Jones. Im sure this will be a very tough fight for both men but im pretty sure Velasquez will come out victorious. Whats your opinion on this fight? Should it happen? I also thought about these two men being coaches for a season of TUF. What do you guys think?
  6. In my opinion i think that Silva will win. Sonnen can talk the talk but doesnt seem to walk the walk
  7. As you know, the 2 coaches for TUF Brazil will be Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen who will fight at the end of the season. Silva has very good striking while Sonnen has amazong takedowns and vicious ground and pound. So whos gonna win? Discuss!
  8. good point. but daniel cormier was 244lbs when he fought nelson. now hes 205 He is ~220lbs, come on son. please.. 0.50
  9. As you know, Jose Aldo has been the only Featherweight champion in the history of the UFC. Right now, i believe that Chad Mendes would be next for the title, but i'm pretty sure Aldo will beat him again. But if you give any other fighter besides Aldo, i'm also pretty sure Mendes would take him out. So of now, i really cant think of who can beat Aldo, he is just something else. Mendes has the skills to take out most of the Featherweight division, but yet i really don't think he has enough beat Aldo. My question is: Who can beat Aldo? Or do you think Mendes has what it takes to beat him if they ever fight again? Discuss!
  10. Shinya Aoki is also a very gifted grappler. although Joe Lauzon is only a purple belt in bjj he has amazing submissions
  11. good point. but daniel cormier was 244lbs when he fought nelson. now hes 205 so it is kinda possible if you think about it
  12. how do i delete a forum post i posted? i wanna delete some of the posts i posted but i dont know how to. thanks
  13. The thought of UFC adding a cruiserweight division just came to my head and i think its something that Mr. Dana White should consider. It allows people that are struggling in Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight to fight in a new weight class. You'll never know if they would have better chances in this weight category. Im not too sure if the UFC are allowed to add weight classes in between two other weight classes but i think this would be a really cool idea! Tell me what you guys think!
  14. JDS vs Barnett Korean Zombie vs Lamas Aldo vs Mendes II Velasquez vs Browne Nurmagomedov vs Henderson Rousey vs Zingano Machida vs Le Condit vs Brown Bisping vs Hall What do you guys think of these fights? should they happen? What other fights do you think should happen?
  15. I actually disagree with your comments. in my personal opinion i think that velasquez has the better wrestling and cardio. as a heavyweight he will definitely have the strength and power advantage. im a huge velasquez fan, im not being bias but i think he will win, but it will be a tough fight for both men.
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