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  1. Would anyone else shoot onto stormfront's tits?
  2. downloading new episode right now
  3. alright, i have watched all 12 episodes 3 x each and can concur that is is GOAT
  4. still haven't watched season 1
  5. Holy ****, me and my buddy were talking about this during the fight lmao
  6. a tornado jumped over my childhood home in 2002, destroyed the houses on either side of me. We had a generator with an auto-transfer switch and never lost power, I didn't find out about the tornado until my parents woke me up in the morning. It took 2 days to clear the road for us to get out of our neighborhood.
  7. who's watching this **** in 2020?
  8. It's pretty dope man, came here to say exactly that.
  9. i still post here, eat **** you ****ing flake
  10. Narcos: Mexico didn't disappoint, can't wait for the next season.
  11. Sharp Objects on HBO was pretty damn good
  12. cant wait for season 3, anyone who says otherwise is a ****ing rube
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