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  1. i see that cashflow is still posting cringeworthy material
  2. Super random, stumbled across it on YouTube
  3. I think this is what they released, not worth the hype at all Season finale was dope AF
  4. it will be another cliffhanger like season 1 except this time I wont instantly have season 3 to watch Damn you TUF for creating this thread and exposing this show to me If only i could have waited to watch it until the series was complete
  5. I've watched the ending 10 times and I can't tell who all had their head exploded
  6. Would anyone else shoot onto stormfront's tits?
  7. downloading new episode right now
  8. alright, i have watched all 12 episodes 3 x each and can concur that is is GOAT
  9. Holy ****, me and my buddy were talking about this during the fight lmao
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