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  1. a tornado jumped over my childhood home in 2002, destroyed the houses on either side of me. We had a generator with an auto-transfer switch and never lost power, I didn't find out about the tornado until my parents woke me up in the morning. It took 2 days to clear the road for us to get out of our neighborhood.
  2. who's watching this **** in 2020?
  3. It's pretty dope man, came here to say exactly that.
  4. i still post here, eat **** you ****ing flake
  5. Narcos: Mexico didn't disappoint, can't wait for the next season.
  6. Sharp Objects on HBO was pretty damn good
  7. cant wait for season 3, anyone who says otherwise is a ****ing rube
  8. not sure how i feel about the twist at the end i know they need a way to make more seasons but the wife being in charge is lame
  9. i was hoping kim wouldn't have your forum name between her legs but here we are
  10. episode 4 was pretty unremarkable, just some character building hope episode 5 has moar action
  11. that chick sounds like a man and has a bigger Adams apple than I do i'm still on here, i just lurk mostly We need to see Nacho and Mike in 2020
  12. Sorry for the multiple posts, thought this was Twitter
  13. Also Rick and Morty is goat
  14. Going to watch Episode 4 in minute
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