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  1. Thanks Fightclubber, I really appreciate you taking the time to get that taken care of.
  2. Thank you very much. Sorry for the trouble fightclubber. Just trying to get prepared for tomorrow.
  3. You cannot even buy 5 P5 together now for UFC 187. Go try it. I tried as a practice for UFC 189 tickets to get 5 right when they went on sale. I'm telling you that a lot of you will be upset if you are trying to purchase more then 4 P5 tickets. I hope you are right Fightclubber, but I'm pretty sure you will only be allowed to buy 6 of the P1-P4 tickets. Will you please confirm that for us that are asking we will have no issues buying 5 or 6 tickets in the P5 and P6 range? Thanks Fightclubber, sorry for the trouble.
  4. Ticket Limits There is a 8 ticket limit for the 4 highest prices.There is a 4 ticket limit for the 5th - 6th price level. There is a 6 ticket limit for the Fight Club Presale. There is a 12 ticket limit for the Public Onsale. This is from Ticketmasters UFC 189 ticket info page. I tried to get 5 P5 tickets for UFC 187 as soon as they went on sale and was unable to.
  5. UFC 187 only allowed you to buy 4 price level 5 and 6 tickets.. You could buy 6 of the other price levels.
  6. Fightclubber, Is there still the same restrictions on ticket quantities. During 187 you could only buy up to 4 of the P5 and P6 tickets? I need to get 5 P5 tickets for UFC189 during presale. Do I need to purchase another fightclub membership?
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