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  1. Time to take a bath and 5 prayers a day, suck it up.
  2. I’ll try and keep it up, I was really hoping for a full year.
  3. I knew it wouldn’t last. Damn Asian card screwed me, guess there’s always next year smh.
  4. Seriously?? Matt Serra by far was the worst champ ever. Got a shot by default, wins the belt on a Hail Mary spinning back fist, and proceeds to get embarrassed in the rematch. I guess you could also add in his 11-7 record as further evidence.
  5. Every time DC scratched Stipes eyes he followed with a clean overhand left. DC is a dirty fighter and a poor excuse for an Olympian. Fat boy missed weight for the olympics, hangs on towels to cheat the scales in the ufc, and scratches eyes out like a bish in the ring. He’s also been taken down in the cage by 2 collegiate wrestlers who are both lighter than him.
  6. When getting to 265lbs in 2 months becomes a problem, you’re gonna live a short life. Dude is a walking poster boy for diabetes.
  7. 2016 was damn near perfect with 3 straight nights of fights. Last year wasn’t that great and by the looks of it this year is no different than any other fight night. It’s supposed to be the UFCs Super Bowl week, now it’s basically NBA All star weekend.
  8. Nice job commish, that's a hell of a night.
  9. It’s like Weidmans concussions are rubbing off on you.
  10. He got beat up by the octagon, what do you think Jones would do? In all seriousness I like Walker but he’s asking for Jon way to soon.
  11. @LayDownDead great pick on the Modafferi fight, hopefully you cashed a ticket as well
  12. ?‍♂️ at least the next card will be easier to pick
  13. I think he started at MW and got KOed by Luque, but the dudes young so the ceiling is pretty high.
  14. ^^^^ And he cant even stand the guy ^^^^
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