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  1. You tell me, dummy. And why are you posting a pic of your girlfriend? Did you run out of clown pics from your family reunion?
  2. Right on. The US and its military are good at that. Those retarded hillbilly trump-lovin' fascists didn't even show up. The question is -- will they resort to domestic terrorism?
  3. The proud morons finally get to see the real trump-- he uses them, then discards them in an instan. Anyone who hasn't drank the orange koolaid could see that loyalty is a one-way street with the orange turd. If trump had issued pardons to those retards he would've probably exposed himself to charges of obstruction or worse -- so tough luck proud dummies. Edit: Oh yeah -- trump pardoned Bannon for ripping off trump's base. I guess trump has plans for Bannon.
  4. just watched trump's farewell at Andrews. He made his exit to the song YMCA -- LMAO.
  5. So...you ended with the rhetorical question to add emphasis to your statement.
  6. Izzy will probably take the safe UD,. If Jan slows down -- Izzy will piece him up in the championship rounds for a rd 4 or 5 TKO.
  7. Horror (subject to change): 10. Stakeland 9. Cabin in the Woods 8. Pontypool 7. It Follows 6. Dawn if the Dead (2004) - The one with Ving Rhames 5. 28 Days Later 4. Halloween (1978) 3. Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 2. The Exorcist 1. Frankenstein (1931)
  8. By "gone" I meant out of office, not out of town.
  9. Once trump is gone and no longer has the power to issue pardons we might see some charges leveled at officials. Something to look forward to.
  10. Cringe. Two AntiFa idiots were there and that outweighs the 2000 magatards. Sounds just like the magatard's election fraud claims. Also - the woman with the megaphone was probably a magatard. Has she been ID'd yet?
  11. The viking shaman clown guy now is asking trump for a pardon. LMAO this is great.
  12. you're mistaken pretty much all the time -- better google this
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