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  1. 12er. Me and you were meant to fight. Not to mention I asked for the fight in Toronto a while back, and you went off and reported the topic. I believe I'm the best fighter in Canada. I say it time and time again, and I ****in' believe it. 12er's a ****ing Heavyweight fighting in the welterweight division. My shots are too powerful. I know I'll catch him, and it's going to happen.
  2. I'll give you two words overrated
  3. **** the belt! **** wrestlers! Conor should only be put in superfights with strikers like Aldo and Pettis. Let Frankie and Mendes hump each other all they want.
  4. Traitor217

    Amazing idea

    Conor should coach against urijah Faber in the next TUF. Their little scuffle has around 850K hits on YouTube
  5. He took some big shots so guess what, he has a huge chin as well!
  6. Other than against Brimage, all his finishes are suspect LOL!
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