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  1. It sounded like that same pitch when he told Kevin Lee not to talk about his mother last year?
  2. I believe that's Michael Chiesa. Didn't Borg wear those big **** safety goggles all day?
  3. Anyone know when this will start, if it's another midnight event for the locals to cater for the Americans?
  4. LOL the Mighty Duck part of "UFC 216 Countdown" on youtube currently sits on only 72K views, whereas Werdum v Lewis sits on 185K views, and Ferguson v Lee have almost 350K views. 72K is the lowest views ever! Most funny part is that the views probably only come from people not knowing who Borg is Cut this boring idiot already
  5. I really hate Demetrious MightyDuck Johnson. He's an annoying, boring, self righteous, scared, safe playing lil bish!! And I hate his ridiculous post victory moves! Also, I hate that he really believes he's the p4p best ever (not to get you guys started) when he's NOT!!! I hate Travis Browne too
  6. Ray Borg is on a 2 fight win streak(Formiga and Smolka), how does that make him a title contender!? The most legal contender IMO opinion is Benavidez who's on a 6 fight win streak, where 4 of those 6 fighters have all competed for the belt. Too bad DJ already beat him twice
  7. Didn't we used to have a betting thread here, looking to put some $$ on some of these fights to make them just a little exciting? Cash where you at?
  8. What I meant was, he knew that whatever KO he was about to have they wouldn't win POTN over Diakiese's and Vera's KOs.....and now Manuwa's! This way he still has a chance
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