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  1. You gotta wonder how it came to all this...remember when good UFC fighters fought good UFC fighters and they were awesome cards and you looked so forward to them?...lol. Big fan of Conor but when fighters start demanding they be made CEOs an sht because of their pulling power despite making millions...well.
  2. Heres a fact guys...Rockhold gives Bisping the title and his first "title fight" is against a 12 ranked dude on his last fight....what the heck is that sht. Not a fan of Bisping whatsoever,watched him as a contestant on TUF and again as a coach on TUF,the guy is a bully...no hating,i just dont like bullies.
  3. Whats the use of having a big star and draw card if he fights maybe once a year?...if he feels like it? You can be the biggest star in the world...but if you are not fighting,who cares?...find someone who will.
  4. Thank goodness,although after Bispings ducking...yeah i doubt this will happen...but at least its a start!
  5. I would just love to see Bisping/Rockhold 2 and see Rockhold going into the fight at his full potential and switched on,Bisping wouldnt go 3 rounds,Watch the first couple of body kicks Rockhold got on Bisping in the opening seconds,Bisping didnt like them...lol that is before Rockhold just got ****y and didnt even have his hands up. As for the Bisping/GSP fight,who even cares who wins?...I mean what does it prove or even mean?...lol whatta joke. A champ versus his rivals...that means something.(and no not a 12 ranked fighter on his last fight haha)
  6. I just dont get how GSP gets any shot over Yoel or Rockhold...end of story and yes,Bisping wont stand a chance against either...funny that.
  7. GSP is great make no mistake but hes been out...its not even his weight class!...lol What happened to the times when the champ fought the top 5 of the class?...im still smh
  8. I agree Skill...so much elite talent and REAL fights to pick from...not a legend like Hendo on his last fight ffs and another legend whos been away for so long!...If Rockhold hadda left the ego at the cage door he woulda had it,he went in arrogant and it cost him and then Bisping avoids the top 5 elite and goes for poor ol Hendo on his last fight! lol...fair play to Bisping i guess,not so much to the top 5. It just ****s me having all this talent and great fighters twiddiling their thumbs while the UFC makes these dumb decisions like Bisping/GSP and cut Conor loose ffs,no point having a great fighter if he aint gonna fight,plenty of others out there who would love to.
  9. After coming across a thread about the GSP fight being pushed back i can not stay silent any longer. What the UFC has turned into is a joke and i dont know why. The whole Bisping/GSP thing is an absolute joke and a disgrace and so disrespectful to the incredible talent that is in the top 5 in this weight class,Those guys must be so pissed and now even that is pushed back,giving that fight to a guy who hasnt even fought for so long (and i love GSP) while the top 10 middleweights bust their **** for not even a title shot is so wrong. I reckon give Rockhold a go because Bisping didnt win that fight...Rockhold lost it being so bloody arrogant going in there,Im not a fan of Bisping but the guy is tough and backs down from no one. As for Mcgregor(and again im a fan)when he started all this Mayweather nonsense,I couldnt care less about Boxing,this is MMA i would love to see Conor defend his belt or belts in the UFC,hes awesome to watch but as soon as he wouldnt let this Mayweather thing go,the UFC shoulda cut him loose. Its like the UFC has lost its way or something.
  10. Great fight with Chad sticking to a game plan and winning...was a great fight...in the other fight im bettin Sheldon wont be making that mistake again of blowin his wad like that but that will come with experience...and yes finally seen Elias fight...he looked good and done well to weather the storm...i really dont mean to be puttin Elias down here but dude...beatin the snot outta someone whos completely gassed dont make you Jon Jones and carryin on like that in the ring...but he fought well and won...not a fan of him acting like a jerk about it is all...never been a fan of that sorta showboatin stuff specially to a dude who can hardly hold his arms up...anyways...gotta new respect for Kyle Nokes too...man he looked good but full respect and congrats to Cote...that knee on the chin woulda put most guys to sleep easy.
  11. Yep...congrats to the Canadians they most certainly deserve it...the fight im looking forward to most is Chad and Olivier.
  12. I certainly agree with you regarding the playing field...the Canadians i think for the most part deserve their place in this show and whilst as an Australian myself I am seeing for the first time why we dont match up...sure the Aussies are tough and hardy but so are the Canadians...its the background...and we are way behind in the wrestling and jui jitsu that the Americans,Brazilians and Canadians grow up with...we simply do not have these backgrounds and it shows...I mean there may be great camps In Aussie i dunno...but are they at the elite level needed?...i will stick with what i said regarding Elias and Tylers fight...i would have liked to see them fight,and whether you like Dana White or not i have seen him say several times he himself cannot stand guys who push guys up on the cage and grind them there and hes the boss...and i am not one of those fans who start complaining the minute it goes to the ground.
  13. Olivier vs Rich...I thought Rich done well till he allowed himself to be caught with the choke...congrats to both fighters...I think Olivier will win the whole thing...great pedigree working with the great GSP too...and what a work ethic...and also...Olivier is spooky man...lol.
  14. Im not questioning anyones courage but if you guys prefer boring fights...good luck to you,and how was Elias the better fighter?...we didnt see anything,id be happy to congratulate Elias if i seen anything...grinding guys up against the cage is not "wrestling".I was watching Elias face during the rounds and he was like..."yeah...all i gotta do is grind the guy and i win!...ok good luck to you...but i find it extremely boring...i love watching the moves and counter moves in all areas of MMA holding a guy on a cage wall does not showcase this...thats my point.
  15. Yeah...thats him...these guys are Gladiators...but round starts...trade 1 or 2 punches then rush the guy to the cage,hold him and grind him there...lay on him...an im not talkin submissions here...repeat for the rest of the match...yeah thats awesome....maybe some guys like that i much prefer to watch the great skills and game of chess.
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