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  1. I love Aldo but how he is getting another title shot here is beyond me.
  2. I think he has misplayed his hand if he really wanted the Volkanovski fight to try and be the first 3 weight champ. I imagine Dana is gonna be even less inclined to make that fight than he would be if Cejudo had just said called him out after the last fight because he knows even if Henry wins he will probably just be in this situation again with Cejudo saying he’s gonna retire unless he gets another big money fight after and that will be another division tied up.
  3. Working my way through all the free games I’ve got from PS+ just started Shadow of the Colossus. Only two colossi down so far but all I can think is how awesome this game would be if it was done with today’s graphics.
  4. While I agree I don’t think Cejudo will get that much I really hope he stays on. Not even as a fan but I tend to agree with Luke Thomas when he says divisions get a little screwy for a while if the champion isn’t defeated for the belt.
  5. Just finished playing through all 4 of the Uncharted games for the first time. Really enjoyed them wish they were all as long as 4.
  6. I’m only like an hour in. My personal highlight so far has to be him trying to compare Covid deaths to the amount of people killed by rattlesnakes 😂 Joe loves his boy but even he shut down that ridiculousness quick lol.
  7. Just listening to the fight companion just now my god Schaub sounds like such a **** every time he opens his mouth about it lol
  8. I don’t fancy her chances but hope Hill gets the win she came off as really likeable on Rogan.
  9. This was my pick for FOTN watch it be a snooze fest now lol
  10. Never realised Jotko had been in the UFC for so long. Herb would have put a worse beating on him than Rountree did. Bring back Lavigne or Mazzagatti for a Francis fight?
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