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  1. That’s four more years pretty much guaranteed now I’m guessing. Just can’t picture Biden being that competitive against Trump.
  2. This special was amazing this bit, his gold digging ****s bit and no reason to hit a woman bit are all hilarious.
  3. Reckon you will see Ezra Miller dropped a the DCU Flash after this video has surfaced of him making a bish **** attempt at a chokeslam on a female fan. Especially in today’s cancel culture climate I’m suprised people haven't already demanded he be blood eagled in the town square.
  4. Have been pretty confident for a while now this was never gonna happen on the intended date, Dana really seemed to be the only one who thought it could be done and even with him I think it was just an ego thing because people said he couldn’t.
  5. Insert Nate Diaz I’m not suprised motherf***ers GIF.
  6. High level social distancing ?
  7. Not good mate stay safe, got family in Kalgoorlie.
  8. Celebs are really the worst type of people
  9. I honestly didn't mind Black Panther, I was just of the opinion it wasn't the greatest superhero movie of all time that many were floating the idea of. Still think Wakanda vs. Atlantis for the sequel would be awesome, cool to see Earth's two most advanced societies go at it. Think you are half right they likely want to right Renner out but think they are looking to establish the young avengers. Hawkeye's daughter Kate Bishop has already been introduced and she's a young avengers member. Same as Cassie Lang who's been introduced now as well (and I bet will get a similar show after Ant-Man 3). Definitely need to introduce some younger dudes to have on the team though as few younger male characters to take up the mantle and I doubt they will include Blade or Moon Knight as I think they'd be too old and gritty. Means we might get Kang as the next big bad though. Wouldn't be surprised if they even add She-Hulk to it since she's getting her own show and they could cast her on the young side at around 25.
  10. March 24th. Nathaniel Wood defended his Cage Warriors Bantamweight title for the last time with a first round knockout before moving on to the UFC.
  12. People are in mourning here over the pubs being closed, the amount of house parties that have been going on here for the last few days you think it was New Years, madness honestly can’t remember the last time I was that drunk. Reckon half the people in Scotland who think they have corona now are still just hungover.
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