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  1. Looking forward to this and The Eternals as I have literally no knowledge of either property.
  2. As long as he fights like that I would happily watch Woolley fight any day of the week that was a fun **** fight for as long as it lasted.
  3. I backed Stipe but glad Francis got the W. That was a pretty violent finish even by Ngannou’s standards.
  4. Working my way through getting the platinum for AC Valhalla, whoever added the cairn side quests deserves an eternity of kicks in the balls.
  5. Don’t know how this will end up turning out, looks like a very big cast but I’m looking forward to seeing King Shark.
  6. I think it was dirty but definitely agree with Rogan on this one you shouldn't be able to win a belt by DQ. Especially with the way the fight was playing out it just feels wrong that Sterling is now the champ.
  7. Man I just got round to watching the fights now and the main card really just sucked to me especially after the prelims had actually got me pretty pumped. Had a snooze fest to start with, 15 mins of what I imagine Amish **** looks like, a beat down that wasn’t long enough or bad enough to even be entertaining and a really lackluster champ vs champ fight. Only decent fight was Yan/Sterling before Petr decided to try and go all Drago that caused a weird ending. UFC 259 - 0/10 would not watch again.
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