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  1. O’Malley Rozenstruik - KO/TKO Burns - SUB RD1 Brown - RD1 Dvalishivili - DEC Miller - SUB Renata Souza Jandiroba - SUB Kamaka - DEC
  2. Same here mate just found out my gym won’t even be reopening because of lockdown so it’s been nothing but running for me as well. I recently dug my weights out the garage and once I hit my goal going to really start trying to make an effort with them as I have noodle arms myself now😂.
  3. Back under 200lbs, 180lbs is the goal so not too far to go now hoping to have cracked it by Halloween.
  4. Sweep the leg and shock the whale 😂 Canna believe police have to come out and defend this.
  5. Just hit two weeks smoke free. Honestly I have no idea where the whole giving up smoking is harder than heroin chit comes from, after about 10 Days I felt fine. And this isn’t some self congratulatory thing I have woeful willpower compared to plenty people I know. Only caveat I will make is those first 3 days suck all the ****s I probably would have picked a fight with a Ngannou just to end it all lol.
  6. No in that case it would be “I just paid for a dirty bird”
  7. I can never take his nickname seriously as here that’s what you say when you’ve pulled a chick who is pure filth on a night out😂
  8. Thought that was an early stoppage to start with but as soon as you seen Buckley’s reaction he was definitely done.
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