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  1. Khabib SUB RD 4 Hawes RD1 Murphy DEC Ankalaev Kenney Jung KO/TKO Maverick SUB Alvarez SUB
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/sscs-tuatara-fastest-car-world-331mph-top-speed%3famp Crazy to think that the Veyron breaking the 250mph mark was only 15 years ago and now we’ve got cars that can crack 330mph.
  3. Crute RD 1 Almeida KO/TKO Gamrot DEC Robertson DEC Park SUB RD 2 Grishin RD 1 Nurmagomedov DEC
  4. Moraes RD1 Barboza KO/TKO RD2 Aspinall KO/TKO RD1 Breese KO/TKO Nascimento SUB Kasanganay DEC Cortez DEC Ulanbekov SUB
  5. De Castro KO/TKO RD1 De Randamie KO/TKO Phillips Tordorovic KO/TKO RD1 McGee Lookboonmee DEC Kenney KO/TKO Vendramini KO/TKO
  6. I’m just gutted that it was so one sided. Whoever won I thought we would get one to three very competitive rounds first.
  7. Well after that I gotta probably agree with Luke Thomas that Jan might be the guy I have consistently underrated and written off the most.
  8. Adesanya Reyes KO/TKO Kara-France DEC Viera DEC Riddell DEC Matthews DEC Klein KO/TKO Espino SUB
  9. Covington DEC Chimaev RD 2 Walker KO/TKO Dern SUB RD 2 Holland KO/TKO Dvorak SUB Bektic DEC Buena-Silva SUB Rose-Clark DEC Laramie SUB Ewell DEC
  10. Azzatair KO/TKO Rodriguez KO/TKO Roosevelt Roberts KO/TKO RD1 Avila DEC Turner Romanov SUB RD1 Mazo DEC
  11. Just got back from seeing Tenet, a decent flick but far from my favourite from Nolan.
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