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  1. He's implying you guys are behind it. Also why are you guys messing with my avatars?
  2. I think they should go one step further and remove the offensive episodes entirely.
  3. Wondering why my avatar doesn't work is begging for attention?
  4. Mcgregor would get destroyed by Clay Guida.
  5. My previous avatar just disappeared, I didn't change it. I tried to reupload it from my computer and it wouldn't work, I also can't upload it from the internet. I don't have any issues with other pictures which leads me to believe the mods are meddling with my account for some reason. What is going on?
  6. Lets try to stay on topic instead of blatant ****-posting. K?
  7. The Scots are a bunch of **** licking the queens twat if they don't seperate from England.
  8. LOL. STFU troll. Nobody gives a **** about the MM fight. NOBODY. And if you claim that you do you are a ****ing liar.
  9. Rin would destroy Rhonda in every aspect of being a sex object.
  10. Ray Rice is guilty of one thing......defending himself from a vicious attacker. The video footage show his crazed violent wife screaming at him and then striking him. He could have been seriously injured by a blow to the cranium and then fallen down, hitting his head and fracturing his skull which could have been fatal. Who can say whether she would have continued attacking him until he was dead? I find it disgusting that a man has had his name and career destroyed simply for standing his ground against a dangerous, abusive spouse. He should be applauded for defending himself and not divorcing his wife who obviously needs anger counseling. I think it's highly telling that she refused to press charges because she knows that if it went to court he would be proven innocent in a court of law. Unfortunately the NFL has taken the side of the sexist feminazis who scream from the mountaintops that women are equal to men but now claim that a man that defends himself against an abusive woman partner should become a social pariah and lose everything he's worked for his entire life. They even have the gall to psychoanalyze his wife as this "poor innocent battered woman" too afraid to leave her serial abusive monster of a husband that has given her everything a woman could ever want. The NFL needs to reinstate Ray Rice immediately and President Obama should award him the Medal of Honor.
  11. 911 was a good thing because we got to go kick some **** Thank you Osama Bin Laden, where ever you are.
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