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  1. mallow7

    Ufc weighins dublin

    Nice one lads thanks
  2. mallow7

    Ufc weighins dublin

    Anyone know how many can get in early to weighins with the 1 membership pass. I bought 6 ticketson my account but can get 1 pass. Does this give access to all 6 ticket holders for fight night.
  3. @BHennessy lighten up u boring f..k. only having a bit of banter wit the lads across the water. looking good u are now yankees. holding a good few belts now even if there not really yanks. I suppose you be claiming mcgregor if he ever gets the shot to beat aldo,or even pendred if he wins this seasons TUF. Only joking lads. I dont want my fellow country man given out to me again mr boring Hennssey.
  4. Not looking like there is a TJ Dillashaw or a forest anyway so far. Most them lads would be destoryed in there weight catches in the ufc. Hope the best still to come. Poor season so far.
  5. Ye agree pretty boring. Needs a good solid ko to living things up.
  6. @brady2555 well said. Its a joke that he never got in already. If he was a yank he would have been in along time ago. Cage warrior champ come on. Wake up dana its not just him. There are alot more that are well capable of a shot in the ufc. Poor siry had to wait on a two week notice call up. Boy did he rock picket. Open the door conor, pendred,siry and fields. Rest to follow.
  7. Ye im with you on that. He got lucky that other lad made a silly mistake. Much better fighter lost.Just watched silva v brown. Now that is what you need to be at. Smashing fight. Exposed neck was there for to long. But he looked good other wise. Coaches saying he was a machine in trainning. I think he over trainned out running the morning of his fight.come on.
  8. Brazil thought u how it was done now the europeans will dominate. Ole ole ole, get use to hearing that.
  9. The world is not based around americas based fighters. Just you tube pendred cage warriors. The lad Is a beast. European champions are still to come mcgreger nelson and gustafson all title contender. Just that u have to win a title in europe mma to get in the ufc. Joke.More than I can say for the american fighters. Wrestling bronze belt etc. Open your eyes to the rest of the world.
  10. His coming for aldo also. Pendred wil win tuf 19. Dna guys dna. Fighters and winners.
  11. mallow7


    His irish and thats what will get him to a title fight and i think an irish heart is hard break. its not in our dna to lose a fight by tap out so you have to knock him out and his probably the best boxer and kickboxer plus rolls with gunni, the best bjj out there at the min so his defo top 5 in the division. give him aldo then people will listen up
  12. belive the hype the irish are taken over guys, its in our dna to fight and never give up.we dont tap out like you yanks
  13. I think pendred has stil to blossom. He has more experience than the rest against better opposition.
  14. lads this guy pendred did what needed to be done for the W, he has the heart of a lion.not enough of those fighters anymore. cant see him been finished. with those coaches he will only blossom.
  15. bring on the irish..???? were are our teams
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