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  1. Lol Apparently Trump is refusing to pay Rudy for his legal services.
  2. So Palor is just right wing fan fic
  3. Every single one of you Trump ****s on here that cry law and order everytime someone of color even remotely raises their voice, every single one of you Trump ****s that have ever cried about thr constitution, states rights can go **** yourself. Trump is nothing but a traitor and you all who support him are a ****ing cult. I hope every proud boy who storms thr capitol is shot.
  4. So Republicans are now suing Pence in an effort to over turn the election. Lol
  5. The Pardons have started to roll.
  6. Slanderous lies, I shall hit you with 67 frivolous lawsuits.
  7. Been catching up, got to say very entertaining.
  8. Rustled in 3 likes or less. Sensitive much.
  9. He lives in the Philippines or Thailand or something like that.
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