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  1. Thats a draw technically
  2. Tell me more old sage of wisdom and all things ever brought up here, like ever
  3. Youre giving this idiot way too much credit. Entirely too much credit.
  4. Thats a ****ing lie and you know it. Youre an trash person.
  5. Oh shut up you goddamned moron. If rap sheet and worth to society dictated wether or not you deserved to live you be dead 50 times over.
  6. Trumps winning in Nov, by hook or crook or just plain stupidity. None the less hes winning.
  7. Trumps is in a bunker right now
  8. Look I apologized for my comment but dont act like youre some ****ing sage. My 12 yr old predicted worst last night
  9. You know what I owe you an apology for calling you an idiot earlier. It is 92 all over again. Wilshire district is burning
  10. No, no it isnt. I was 8 yrs old during 92 it isnt even close yet you idiot
  11. Dont agree with you like ever but this autopsy is so ****ing idiotic.
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