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  1. Where are the "I dont give a **** option" and the "what da fook are you talking about option"?
  2. The line is a sucker is born every minute. You damn well know wtf youre saying. Stop showing your damned idiocy and cut the act.
  3. Yet you're calling people who give an opposing view point on your statements "suckers". We all know you buy into that Qanon ****.
  4. You know exactly why the National Guard is there. The Trumptards got butt hurt he lost bigly and caused a ruckus by going ape**** in the Captial and they might try stupid **** again during tomorrow's inauguration.
  5. Hes not getting it from anything creditable or based in reality.
  6. I live in California and this is absolutely not true, whatsoever.
  7. Lol Apparently Trump is refusing to pay Rudy for his legal services.
  8. So Palor is just right wing fan fic
  9. Every single one of you Trump ****s on here that cry law and order everytime someone of color even remotely raises their voice, every single one of you Trump ****s that have ever cried about thr constitution, states rights can go **** yourself. Trump is nothing but a traitor and you all who support him are a ****ing cult. I hope every proud boy who storms thr capitol is shot.
  10. So Republicans are now suing Pence in an effort to over turn the election. Lol
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