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  1. They apparently burned down a police station
  2. Jesus Christ this dude should've been locked up long ago.
  3. I know toddlers that speak more coherent sentences.
  4. Grandma is out of ICU. Still got aboug 2 weeks in hospital.
  5. I will gut you like a fish and set your remains alight in a car fire
  6. Her nursing home got hit hard. Shes the 11th person to get it eventhough they locked down in March. It was most likely an employee who had it She 88 she has a fever of 102 and has had it as high as 104. Starting to have trouble breathing. Dr. Said if she goes on ventilator its most likely too far
  7. Article say 1.8 not 18. And Tuf who posted article said 2 million so much for your zinger
  8. Lol you really hate Khabib
  9. Trump had the My Pillow guy speak at the daily Coronavirus briefing, bragging about God putting Trump in office. Im sorry that alone proves Trump is a complete idiot.
  10. Nope. I nuked my villages with Coronavirus and fiddled as the towns burned.
  11. Lmao that package exempted any company with over 500 employees which is all big business. Like the place I work at which cant be done from home and if the place I worked at closed no one woulf have groceries.
  12. You shut the transit system you basically cut off so many from work etc.
  13. Coronavirus hasnt wiped out your villages yet?
  14. But hes not wrong. Hendo opened a 2nd vagina on Old one eyes face
  15. Not all of us can spam 35 didnt threads with endless memes and snap shots of utter insanity
  16. Bezerker get help seriously.
  17. Been real all but its time to go die in a car fire. No flowers please
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