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  1. No matter what, I’ve never seen anyone be as dominant as Khabib was
  2. Watching your favorite fighters gives you a special kind of anxiety. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  3. My pick for GOAT, with guys like DJ and Khabib very close. Silva and Jones are unbelievable but the failed drug tests are hard to ignore. Amanda Nunes has a ridiculous resume, as well.
  4. Utmost respect for Khabib. What a man
  5. A lot of people won’t be watching, that’s for sure, but ratings are down for everything, not just basketball. Personally I couldn’t give two craps about their opinion. If I wanted to avoid SJWs I wouldn’t even be able to go to work every day haha
  6. Game 5 was one of the best games I've ever seen
  7. Congrats to the Lakers and LeBron
  8. This 100% Everyone’s an expert after the fight is over
  9. Fan since his jungle fight days. No questions asked
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