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  1. I think Jake wins but couldn't vote because I don't care who wins. Interested but wouldn't even pay two fiddy for it
  2. Marvel keeps kicking butt. Loved Wandavision except for the last episode which was kinda meh Falcon & WS has been great but ep 5 was kinda slow
  3. I have a pretty decent bet on Liverpool making it to the Semi so we'll be cheering together haha
  4. Oof.. would've been awesome to make it to the semi-final but we lacked creativity and composure. Amazing goal by Taremi though
  5. Could beat anyone at 155 or 145. Douglas Lima and Nemkov could also be champs
  6. Francis KO's him off his back, Kevin Holland style
  7. Next 4 fights for NGOAT Jones, Deontay Wilder boxing match, Stipe rematch, Derrick rematch all KO victories
  9. Dustin vs Charles would have been yuge but this is also a great fight
  10. Let’s go Francis! — Almeida is a huge underdog, I might have to throw up some bucks
  11. Porto vs Chelsea winner meets Liverpool vs Real Madrid winner Bayern vs PSG winner meets Dortmund vs City winner Sounds good to me
  12. As a Porto fan, my favorite matchup would be against Real Madrid. We would have a chance to simply outplay them, because this year’s team is pretty good when focused, and I have a lot of personal ties with the city of Madrid. Liverpool and Bayern are teams we need to get our revenge on. We beat Bayern 3-1 at home not too long ago and then got destroyed in the 2nd leg. Dortmund and City are the two teams I’d like to avoid due to the sheer offensive firepower. Haaland has GOAT potential I do think we have a chance, even if a small one, against anybody. So I ain’t scared mother ****ers
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