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  1. My brother was so sure Woodley was gonna win lol. RIP his bank account
  2. Appreciated the visual effects on that first video! And the 2nd one is hilarious
  3. I miss that really old school rap with funky beats
  4. Hell yes. Justice for Liverpool. If they cancel the season I may never watch another game of football again
  5. This is a great thread, I gotta admit
  6. I forgot about Lil D.cky and this one is also GOAT level
  7. Even the great Eminem has explored this territory
  8. Canadian hero. He was huge during my middle school years
  9. Am I the only one who's a huge fan of this form of comedy? Stephen Lynch, Jon Lajoie and Wheeler Walker Jr are some of my favorite entertainers
  10. I enjoy these more than Burr's stand up
  11. MauroPedrosa


    Hello, friend
  12. Oh, just remembered that Mark Normand is dropping his stand-up special on Youtube for free tonight (9 PM Eastern, I believe) I'm a huge fan, so I'm confident in posting the link before I even watch it haha
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