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  1. I had some sporadic contact with Patricia Mamona when we were kids, who just got the Silver in triple jump. Pretty happy for her
  2. 4 finals MVPs for LeBron > 2 for Kobe But we're splitting hairs. I'm not mad if someone has Kobe higher, I just think LeBron would've won even more if he had prime Shaq as a teammate.
  3. Brooklyn is full of glass knees and ankles so I wouldn't be surprised if LeBron won a couple more
  4. And now the Space Jam sequel. I'm not sure how I feel about this imitation thing when you're also fighting for the GOAT spot. -- In other news, loved the draft for my Orlando Magic. Houston, Detroit, Charlotte and Cleveland should also be fun teams in the future.
  5. I'll be starting my own country soon. Worry not, my friends
  6. still need that Diaz vs GSP rematch JUST BLEEEEED
  7. Cowardly tactics by Southgate. Parked the bus after being up 1-0
  8. You’re a god damn prophet
  9. Glad to see my brother carn has taken the red pill
  10. I’d also like some clarification. Couldn’t understand ****
  11. They’re gonna fight again. And a 5th time if Conor wins
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