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  1. But where else could you get all that in one spot? Just saying.
  2. Understood. Cheers to the Aussie team for bringing it & hats off. We'll all look forward to what comes outta Australia in the next couple years. All Canadian finale, way to go guys gotta go with Westcott, he's from Alberta too. I'm watching Belator and they have this ref who's beard is in braids that almost reach his knees. Wtf?
  3. There's no denying the playing field for this season is nowhere near level. It could have been, Aussies are tough as @$*# and can hold their own but without the same amount and level of training as the Canadians? Elias's fight just highlighted the discrepancy. He held him because he could. The alternative where he stands and trades would have been unevenly matched too. Of course Tyler could absolutely knock Elias out as well and while it may have been more exciting the difference in skill level could have played out way worse. Tyler could have lost in a much more harsh way. Why risk doing that kind of damage to someone else, doesn't seem very cool. I didn't even really think much of Elias until this but he's definitely a cool one.
  4. I thought Elias was very smart to not risk a injury. Clearly a better fighter why put yourself in a position to get hurt if you have the strength and Skill to avoid it?
  5. it was a brutal finish to be sure and one of the saddest. As sorry as I am for him, as soon as their fight was announced it was Kajan trying to scoop up his corner men first in spite of them all being on the same team. He would have taken all his first picks and left Chad with whoever was left but Chad holding back respectfully seemed to turn the tables because all of a sudden no one wanted to pick sides.
  6. I don't get why you think Elias had nothing going on? One of the scoring criteria is octagon control and what you refer to as the "boring fkn grind against the cage sht" is all about being in control. While some fight fans don't find it very exciting it is still an integral part of MMA. Domination over your opponent is the point of the entire contest, not keeping you glued to your seat.
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