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  1. NO comission what sanction any fight, Bigshow would murder the HW division
  2. WW, a can do you a special deal, 2 for the price of 1
  3. mods is serious business homie, didnt ya know
  4. He is actually well respect with some of the MMA fighters he has trained with. could be an interesting addition IMO
  5. so a well worded comment by a respected member of the community is removed and he is warned even tho it nothing in the post was wrong, but i can offer to kill a fellow member of the community and nothing seems legit mod with an agenda is not the sort of mod we need, remember what happen with the **** Lil Kang????
  6. hmm, racist? batman mask? you need help because neither can be proved to be true
  7. I was always a Johnnie Walker Black Label fan
  8. you shouldnt have told me to bring Fobar back homie i'm on the mother ****ing warpath
  9. how many people may have died because health care workers couldnt get to work? these retards need to be put down lol
  10. that aint even a line, thats just sick i'm all for banter and ripping on people, that sick **** needs to die
  11. anyone wanna ban or warn me for saying i will kill someone, **** you
  12. that aint rustled homie, thats **** is ****ed up.
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