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  1. Keep annoying them with emails. They've offered to refund me
  2. Quite a lot of UK people having this issue. We're not getting no reply either. Email them everyday to annoy them
  3. geeby

    Thx UFC Rewards

    Just under 64,000. Used the last 4,000 for 4 months fightpass. Think i was Number 13 when it finished. Not bad for a euro fan
  4. geeby

    Thx UFC Rewards

    got a $600 dollar giftcard for my points finally. Have slagged Rewards off many a time for all the mistakes but fair play to them. They emailed me and made some decent offers that didn't work before I got the giftcard.
  5. What goes on exactly in a US geography classroom?
  6. geeby

    Save Your Job!

    I would get rid of the cageside media section straight away. Most of those idiots just watch the screen anyway. Sit them out back where they can still watch and then have post-fight interviews. That will allow you to sell an extra 4 rows of approx 20 seats per row, at $200 (probably higher) average price. Over the course of 2016, that would have given an extra $650k of tickets. And just so those guys can see, scrap the cageside photographers that always stand up and block your view.
  7. I think it will disappear at 9am when the presale ends as it is constantly updating itself. Have seen it before where you select seats from a map at the start of a sale and when you go to confirm it'll tell you the map had to be switched off and you've lost the tickets. If i were you i'd just stick to the Best Available option.
  8. What was the point of that presale starting at 9am when it usually is identical to the other sales. Also, you had it advertised incorrectly on this page. Ticketmaster also had it as 10am on their page. UFC certainly know how to piss off fans.
  9. I took it that he meant all in 1 order though. Know if that's possible?
  10. I've a feeling Ticketmaster don't give you the option to 'buy more tickets' and you may have to order them separately. Maybe try for another MSG event where they have more than one price option.
  11. Did you do McMax3000 personal favours? He's not deducted you all your bets
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