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  1. Think your missing my point, we get a free barcode for the fightclub meet and greet, and then are required to also wait for general release for free seats for the weight-ins.. if you dont get a weigh-in ticket, the fightclub event barcode is useless. my suggestion was only have 1 barcode for fightclub users, which will give entrance to both the weight-ins and the fightclub meet and greet.. we pay each year for the privilege to get exclusive access.. if the weight-ins are free but ticketed we should get the tickets automatically.
  2. Yep this is because I told them it was wrong in the whatsapp chat feed they have and they changed it. They said there will be plenty of tickets .. Just think as fightclub members if these are free 1 barcode should cover all. Instead of having two.
  3. I think this is a joke, why organize a fanclub exclusive event and then produce a way to stop people from attending it that pay a subscription fee, we should get them the day before with the fightclub entry.
  4. The barcode here http://www.ufcfightclub.com/events/ufc-fight-night-dublin-2015click on the "show/print your confirmation" and from what I have gathered here "NO" we aren't guaranteed tickets for the weights ins.. which is a little bad considering they have organized an event for fightclub members
  5. Just a FYI.. the time on the Ticketmaster URL states they are available at 9am tomorrow not 12pm. Also I think that FightClub members should automatically get a code for weight-in tickets like this. whats the point in allowing us to have early access to the event for the meet and greet and you don't get a weight in ticket?
  6. Thanks so much for this comment.. i have just committed to going to Vegas, ill be there either way with or without a fight ticket :-) but i am like the rest of the newbies here... panicking..
  7. Really hope I get tickets for 194 tomorrow....

  8. I have been reading a lot on these forums and I am wondering do they offer all price ranges on the pre sale, I am not too pushed where I sit as long as I am there.. so the cheap ones don't bother me at all.
  9. Cozmic32

    UFC Store

    talk about total idiots.. http://uk.ufc.com/is the UK/Ireland version of the site.. and it re-directs to http://www.ufcstore.eu (EU store) I contacted the US Store support and they told me ufcstore.eu was a fraud site even thought i accessed it via uk.ufc.com.. do i contacted http://www.deliveryagent.com/ the people that administer it and they were not happy at all.
  10. Cozmic32

    UFC Store

    Yeah its a bit of a nightmare.. seems to be delayed again.. no worries.. thanks
  11. Cozmic32

    UFC Store

    anyone know if we can enquire about purchases that we made on the UFC Store here? I emailed them on their site and have heard nothing from them.. I also got an email from someone in deliveryagent.com
  12. Vegas booked for December.... WOOP

  13. Hi I have printed off my early code for the early entry to the O2 in Dublin, I also printed the two tickets from Ticketmaster too which we were advised to do.. I was allowed to get two tickets. My question is, does my early entry code cover me and my friend, or does it only cover me? -- Thanks and Kind Regards, Cormac
  14. Gunni is going to win this fight.. he is such an all round fighter.. his boxing and jits is second to none.. comes from two great camps.. he would destroy Hendricks when he gets the chance.... watch this space...
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