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  1. i got the last win so im better and you too scared to show up, we played 10 times in 2 years.when you realized i was better than you is when you started ducking me
  2. lol no thats level 2 noob im on level 4 stuff already
  3. keep talking about a year ago. you got beat. and would not fight me anymore. now we are both on and you duck and block me. you are a joke, and we all see you are scared
  4. i got 20$ to whover steps up and beats me. will pay via paypal or gamestop gift card for you heavy breathing gamers
  5. plus you would not take a fight after i smashed you that ONE time , so you can keep the illusion that you are better, but fact remains i embarrassed you so bad when i got the last win then you took your ball and went home never to be seen again. its ok i understand your fear of losing to me publicly , but in the parties you were sooooo nice, like a little fake **** ****. this is my last post on patty ducking like a woman. he knows where to find me if he grows a pair. on that note no has one signed up. so how about anyone wanna fight?
  6. he's scared. he knows he sucks at this game now that he cant spam.
  7. lol PATTY has blocked me on xbox, that means he can never fight me in ranked. run and hide young pansy. he scared AF
  8. lol you aint in even you wanted to, because you duck . you suck i destroyed you, thats why you duck.
  9. if we can get enough people we can make a tournament. (Xboxone). just leave your gamertag and ill let you know who you are fighting, hopefully we dont have too many scared little hiding woman. i have sent multiple people from here invited and they act like theyre are bryan caraway ducking fights. Lets See if we can at least get 7 more people and grow as it goes. just drop your gamertag in the comments if you want in. 1.HitemNsubmitem 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  10. nah just manipulated you and your butt buddy. first it was like " SOURCE or GTFO" now its like "i can find my own source" you guys are just way too EZ to make you renig
  11. if you want sources you can google them . thanks for proving my point, haha, too easy.
  12. this should be locked and merged with the discussion thread
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/3z6fjg/went_to_high_school_with_robbie_lawler_haz_stories/ GD Commies
  14. and you were wrong my dana white thread has the source, BOOM! in your face turd nugget
  15. im not spamming anything, all my threads are about different discussions, and there is no rule about posting a source. if you interested or think im lying look it up
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