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  1. or if they didnt **** themselves in WW2
  2. yeah dude. its hard to even consider the ufc a sport after gsp walked away.
  3. none of this would have happened if they banned guns in america
  4. idyb is also making gains. ive caught 4391745654920475% more pokemon today than i collected all month. my total is is still at 0.
  5. they should just find 2 other guys who got charged for the same crimes, and form a human centipede
  6. why kill the man? that would be the easy way out. make him suffer take all of his money and property. then lock him up and throw away the key. see how he likes it when he's getting sodomized or beaten with a broom stick and only getting to eat one ****ty meal every day.
  7. this may be the corniest thing ive ever seen in all of modding but i cant stop laughing at just how dumb and silly this is. sure my posh mudcrabs in skyrim now wear a top hat and a spectacle and have a major case of tourettes syndrome, but this crab lover is taking things tew far
  8. you gonna have your hands full freddie which way are you turning all 29 of them m8?
  9. lol they took 10 joints or so from me the other week and let me keep the rest of my beers. they dont even care about that **** up here m8
  10. wow american war vets are such pansies. 4 years and he'd still be a prisoner if it wasnt for nosey neighboors peeping into places they dont belong an 80 year old veteran from canada would have caved this mans skull in from day one with the bowl of cereal and shoved that stick right up his angus faster than you can say the words Free Health Care.
  11. you should cave their skulls in with an axe
  12. moms who know how to party http://www.mandatory.com/2016/07/18/moms-who-know-how-to-party/
  13. yeah that was pretty hilarious. corny but pretty damn funny loved mclovin and the drunk cops
  14. hmmmmn. cheech and chongs next movie or superbad?
  15. lol Grandmas Boy was hilarious would recommend
  16. when i go hunting for pokemon...
  17. think ill start with grandmas boy for some reason i think i'd probably like it
  18. the cube? theyve made a couple of those ones where they were all trying to escape it. that was a mind ****
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