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  1. FUn story After Donald Cerrone vs Jim Miller at Revel in AC Summer 2014 me and my buddys were SMASHED in the parking garage waiting for the rush to die down Who bumps into us? Keith Peterson. I took a picture with him where we both look like 2 autists posing for a make a wish project or something, he bummed 2 cigs off my buddy Joe, and asked us to help him find his car but we didnt know what he drove Great guy
  2. Rumbin

    Gaethje is +150.

    The @cashfl0w special
  3. I am happy to report he is all fine and dandy. Still 350 lbs and still lacks basic social skills. He told me hes going to drink for the first time at the next card we all attend because hes so excited to get back to sporting events hopefully by the end of the year ot in 2021
  4. This @AndyWang is a fat Chinese guy from Yonkers who goes to UFC cards with me and then drives me back to wherever im staying cu hes a tea toddling ****. Hes very fat
  5. Rumbin

    Advice and tips

    "Dont take a long walk off a short pier" is my advice
  6. I mean generic HW main event, Sandhagen/Edgar and RDA/Chiesa is a pretty good top 3 to mess with Bellator.
  7. Ok ill stop Comparing this card to that god awful card in Raleigh in January just proves your a casual Also that card was only loaded to begin with to **** with Bellator. Try again Im right. Your wrong
  8. Nothing from Jan - July 2016 should count because they were just getting ready to fleece WME to sell. Nowadays Fight Nights, especialyl over seas aint gettin as good as this
  9. I was there bruh The prelims were god awful
  10. 8 or 9 for a fight night, almost perfect Kunchenko EZDS buried on the prelims
  11. Yeah This and Felder/Hooker were on paper the 2 best fights of the 1st quarter. Hope it lives up like the first. Im expecting a violent finish either way
  12. 6. Klose vs Dariush is an offensive PPV fight in 2020. One of the title fights will fall off, from staph infections, coronavirus, fake boobs, weight misses.
  13. Hoping Bare Knuckle boxing is legal in NY within the next few years Would be cool to check out Weidman vs Wanderlei or Lombard front row at the Staten Island Ice Rink for 150 bucks front row
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