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  1. It's what happens you need to virtue signal every second of your life.
  2. The media: "...There will be more soldiers in the Nation's Capitol than Iraq and Afghanistan!" Regular person: "Why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan?"
  3. By ten fold. That's why they're going wayyyyyy overboard on security for the Inauguration and keeping people away. Gotta ensure they're not knee deep in hillbillies in red hats screaming "NOT MUH PRESIDENT!".
  4. Buckley is so exciting that he made you guys remember an Alessio di Chirico fight! That's talent.
  5. We'll go with longer than any marriage you'll ever have.
  6. He went from betting Benzes on preseason baseball to selling BJs and doing months in the slammer. That's a rough turn of events.
  7. https://www.mystateline.com/news/national/pritzker-moves-prisoners-ahead-of-adults-with-high-risk-medical-conditions-in-vaccination-line/ Prisoners being moved up in the vaccination line ahead of people with high risk medical conditions in Illinois. @VertFTW, you know what to do.
  8. How in the actual **** do you get hit with prostitution and not SOLICITATION OF a prostitute. My guy was sucking **** for money??
  9. Going overboard on the Inauguration security to ensure that bish isn't overrun with Trump folks. Wise move.
  10. Khabib wants GSP. GSP thinks he can win that fight as well, so he wants the same. I expect those two clowns to eventually fight one another. Probably July.
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