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  1. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/08/ufc-268-michael-chandler-not-vaccinated-new-york-mandates-justin-gaethje-fight-canceled Chandler ducked.
  2. Baldie wasn't pleased with Rockhold running to the media about their pet Chimaev ducking fights and taking easier ones with random Chinese people.. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2021/8/3/22608251/dana-white-luke-rockhold-has-been-offered-fight-vs-sean-strickland-ufc-news How much you wanna bet Rockhold said no to Strickland? Baldie decided he wanted some revenge in the media. lol
  3. I got him at -290, and Gane at -300. Bobby Green finds a way to lose against much less capable competition, and Derrick Lewis has only a punchers chance. He loses every single round to Gane, if he doesn't land the KO.
  4. Holloway vs. Yair Rodriguez Five round main event. Say stupid chit below.
  5. Plus, you were already autistic! Take that, tinfoil hatters!
  6. Didn't we have some sheeples in this very thread wanting Trump to go to prison for banging a **** star and paying her to shut up? I eagerly await their outrage at Cuomo being everything they claimed Trump was. It's coming.. Any minute now.
  7. Did you get your vaccine then?
  8. Three rounder. Who takes it?
  9. Getting bodied by people was one thing, but now he's losing to inanimate objects. This is too much.
  10. And racist, and homophobic, and transphobic, and arachnophobic, all of it. We're all a bunch of ****ing bigots if you don't care about the American womens soccer team, or their opinions on how the world should work. **** them. I hope they leave without a medal.
  11. You ever heard of this dude named Kobe Bryant, who won a bunch of titles, and was basically everything Lebron hopes to be?
  12. The American womens soccer team AKA The most annoying team on the planet in any sport, lost to Canada today. They've managed to lose twice and draw once in a matter of a week or so. I didn't watch it (nobody does), but it always makes me smile when those big mouths come up short.
  13. cashfl0w

    British have no humor

    Especially not America. We go to war because "these brown people can't defend themselves."
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