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  1. I was wildly rustled at our local teachers declaring they don't want to show up at work, while simultaneously demanding that their funding not be cut. Trolled the **** outta me, man. Honestly, if we have 30 elementary schools, and the grades are substantially better at one school than others, why not use only that one teacher for remote learning? Why do we need 30 third grade teachers to write a lesson plan, draw up some assignments, and put it online? The assignments are automatically graded so the time normally spent there is gone. Can't we just have the best one do it for every third grader in our district? Wouldn't that essentially eliminate the idea that kids in the hood somehow get less of an education than kids in more affluent areas? Oh, that would be cost effective and make a lot of sense. Nevermind.
  2. We have done 1/4 of the world's tests. So yeah, we test a hell of a lot more. Imagine being so programmed that you believe we're doing the worst, when there are two countries on the planet with over a billion people that are very obviously not doing the testing they require. You'd have to be a full blown zombie to buy that chit.....
  3. People need to be ****ing aware that if you vote for Biden, you are very possibly voting for President Kamala Harris after a month or two. Biden is so goddamn close to keeling over. His brain is nearly gone, he has no idea what's going on around him most of the time. Anybody who has watched their grandpa die knows what that looks like. I do not want President Kamala Harris. That needs to be avoided at all cost.
  4. One of the BLM leaders claims it is the start of reparations. I chit you not.
  5. Rozenstruik is overrated. He might catch Junior, but it would only be a sign Junior is that far over the hill. If Junior has anything left in him, he beats this dude.
  6. Here comes Russia to hack our friggin elections again.... They claim to have a Covid vaccine. I expect our media and the Dems to turn up the fear mongering. Maybe even a false flag to ensure they're not spending their time making 340 million vaccines to ship over to us before November. The last thing these goofs want is in-person voting. The Dems need that mail-in ballot so they can properly vote for dead people.
  7. I'm armed and dangerous. Be not afraid, my friend.
  8. I saw that they crashed their car through the Dior store in Chicago last night. lol I enjoy how they're still looting in some cities and it legit isn't being covered.
  9. Geoff Neal is a future champion though. I don't blame washed up bums for ducking the impending knockout. Lawler would have gotten retired by Neal.
  10. The real news here is that Geoff Neal was explicitly naming Robbie Lawler as the fight that he wanted, and this clown jumps in for who else but Geoff Neal the minute an easier fight offers itself up. I always thought Lawler was more of a badass than that. Comes off as a real ducking clown here.
  11. cashfl0w

    Yair Zabit fight off

    Yeah, he struggled with Bochniak, who is a bum. Zabit's cardio is super questionable, and I really don't like how they make special rules for clowns like him and Shahbazyan. The main event should be five rounds, and you shouldn't even get a title shot if you haven't had at least one five rounder scheduled.
  12. I'm not super impressed with Dvalishvili either. Dodson can win that fight.
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