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  1. "tRuSt tHe sCiEnCe!!!!! gEt tHe jAb!!!!!!" - @UFCCagerattler
  2. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/10/ufc-fight-night-196-news-paulo-costa-fined-catchweight-vs-marvin-vettori Lord Costa was treated like a bum. Not a Diaz brother, no special treatment.
  3. Watching the series Dopesick now. Boy, we really ****ed ourselves by listening to scummy Big Pharma about Oxycontin, and opioids in general. I hope we would have the good sense to remember that we are merely a customer of the medical industry, and we should be guiding them, not the other way around, and that we should be weary of them feeding us bad information to prey on our pocketbooks.......... Oh...
  4. Nothing cringier than watching two dudes in helmets and equipment exchange weak punches on ice skates.
  5. You must have missed Nick Diaz and his shenanigans a few weeks back? I believe that's where Costa learned this routine.
  6. There's more to this story. Seems like the DJ snorted Conor's last line.
  7. They've been trying to cram Aspen Ladd down our throats for about four years now. The chick is a bum. Always has been a bum. Her best win is a 15 second loss to GDR, FFS. Pretty sure she deepthroated Baldie and that's how we got here.
  8. Not sure how unions work, eh Corky?
  9. Colin Powell dead with breakthrough case of Covid. He was a young, spry 84 years old. You may remember him from such government lies as "WMDs in Iraq!!!!", etc. Good riddance.
  10. I think this event is airing during Bellator with Fedor. If it is, the only fight I'll see on this trash card is the main event. And if Vettori starts sack sniffing like he did against Holland, I'm turning it right back off.
  11. Fiorot would cave Valentina's skull in.
  12. Mama Bendo snatched a neck like a true savage.
  13. They need to cut Sanchez so he can go be a gym teacher. I doubt anybody else will bother. He's in the Elias Theodoreau camp of cans nobody needs.
  14. I'm not gonna tell anybody I watched these fights.
  15. If your referring to Covid, you can definitely add me into that bunch. In my city of 150K people, there were six people shot in three separate incidents in one night last week. We have bigger fish to fry than the flu.
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