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  1. We were talking about looters, son.
  2. Sounds like there are organized lootings planned tonight in white neighborhoods in major cities. If that happens, all hell will break loose.
  3. @Megasoup They can't manage to tag you, homie.
  4. Oh no chit, I didn't realize every white person looting was a white supremacist. How could you tell them apart so easily?? You're talented!
  5. Can't tell you how many white supremacists I've seen running around with TVs. Good call, Kev.
  6. The better question is how many black people have been killed by black people this year? Why are they rioting over the one killed by a pig? Somebody kills their cousin, fine. Some pigs kill one dude three states over, gotta burn down every store within five miles. lol.. Solid logic, as usual.
  7. The gangs in Chicago are looting and burning down stores in their opposition's blocks and neighborhoods. lol My girl just showed me a Facebook post about nigs frying their own chicken in a looted Popeyes. This is hilarious. I see some other posts about them wanting to raid mostly white neighborhoods tonight. We might finally get to the point here shortly.
  8. I told my girlfriend the same thing when we watched some **** in the MSM inferring we're on the brink of civil unrest earlier. All that ****ery only works in certain areas. I live in a two story brick house. I'm sitting in a goddamn fortress. I have 2x4s over my door already, just because I don't trust anybody. So, try it. You will fail, and everybody you came with is getting splattered on my lawn.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/31/politics/trump-antifa-protests/index.html Oof... if you side with these goofs, you should just go get pied by a BBC right now and get it over with.
  10. Threef I would watch my boy Gilby render Colby Covington unconscious all day, everyday too. Colby would duck the hands and get strangled.
  11. Masvidal thinks he's Conor McGregor now and wants millions to fight for the friggin title. That's why I'm ignoring him for now.
  12. I did, but Marty has a propensity for boring fights. Something like two stoppages in 14 UFC fights. You don't suddenly becoming exciting because you slugged it out with a pillowfisted loudmouth. If he comes to scrap with Burns, then we'll talk.
  13. He knows a decent amount about these topics. It's clear he listens to both sides and deduces what's actually happening, and doesn't just regurgitate the groupthink like someone else in this thread.
  14. They were looting in my fairly small city last night. And they didn't aim for the small chit. They looted a jewelry store, a ghetto clothes and shoes store, Burlington Coat Factory (national clothing chain, sorta like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls if you don't recognize it). They busted out windows at the police station. None of this has anything to do with some dude getting choked out by a cop, who has received every bit of a consequence so far that he's capable of receiving. It's just crime to commit crime in the name of mUh rAcIsM.
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