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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-plunges-biggest-intraday-drop-055211037.html I score this one for Genki.
  2. What he just pulled was at best highway robbery on the fans. It's nothing to applaud. He knew he couldn't box, everyone with more than a pea in their head knew he couldn't box. Askren had hip surgery less than a year ago, and he openly stated that he wouldn't be fully recovered by the time the fight took place. But yeah, give the man a round of a applause for finding his foot in the trap of some YouTube clown who is wedging his stupid boxing events somewhere in between boxing and MMA, and using Askren to legitimize it. Good stuff by him.
  3. cashfl0w

    When Rob beats Izzy

    Focused Whittaker will retire Izzy. Sober Costa will smash Marv. Then we get the epic battle of Focused Whittaker vs. Sober Costa!
  4. Some solid takes in this thread.
  5. Wasn't Petr Yan DQ'ed in the fourth round???
  6. The UFC put this chit on PPV to steal viewers and advertise their PPV the following week.
  7. Pull a @classicboxer and Google some snuff flicks. He said they were Grade A+.
  8. All jokes aside, the cops in our area are ****ing useless. Just complete junk. I had some property disputes with a neighbor. This fat c unt was leaning over a fence doing hedge trimming on my property. I explicitly left this particular group of hedges long to keep their fat asses at a distance. Obviously, I can handle it myself. I can physically stop someone from doing something if I want, including this set of fat trashbags. Me vs. The whole lot of 10 of them, I win in the first round. So I'm only bothering with the pigs so I don't get myself in trouble. The pigs showed up one time, and I chit you not, they told me that because of how the fences were built at the time, it's likely she might be on her property, so basically, shut up. That's right. They told me maybe the rental garbage beside you owns that property that you believe you've OWNED for 35 years, so stop complaining and let them do whatever. lol I threw their ****ing chainsaw in a river. Problem solved.
  9. Who the **** are they gonna call when somebody breaks into their house?! Who's gonna show up with that tiny pad of paper, write down your info, and then never talk to you again? Huh?! I bet the next time they need someone to show up and make them feel better, they'll rethink their stances. Amirite?!?
  10. No way. ESPN has the UFC tonight. This garbage ain't getting a million viewers.
  11. Rumble will knock that can flat.
  12. The other Nemkov got upset early, but yeah, favorites won the night for the most part.
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