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  1. LOL His stand-up is still garbage. Volk will box his ears off.
  2. Oh, I live in Illinois. We're barely allowed outside right now. In fact, I think they recommended not allowing people over to your house yesterday. Come on November 4th!
  3. Yeah, because god forbid we go without health insurance.
  4. Imagine the guy they try to cram down my throat as #1 P4P losing to GLEISON TIBAU.. lol
  5. Kenney will have to wrestle**** that idiot, and after what I saw last fight, I think Kenney may come out overconfident and get kickboxed up. It's a value bet.
  6. James Krause had the nerve to bash Buckley after his win the other day. It was mainly just because he won a snoozer of a fight (typical) and he wanted to steal some of Buckley's shine. Set the fight up though. Let Krause put his money where his mouth is.
  7. I respect anybody with their own opinions. He has his own reason to vote the way he does, and good for him. I was just saying what the rap community will call him. Not a chit ton of freethinkers in that group.
  8. Wood is the best value on the card. Change my mind.
  9. The line on the Oliveira fight seems to indicate that Vegas thinks this random person has a chance. Might throw a couple dollars at that too. Oliveira is a pea brained idiot. He can find a way to lose.
  10. A lot of money coming in on Yakovlev. Never been super impressed with that dude. Might have to toss a few bucks at Alvarez if the line gets close to even.
  11. Hazmat throws hands. He's not Khabib 2.0.
  12. People have been calling you a retard since you showed up. Not very observant, eh?
  13. And will be relevant again when there's 2,000 flu deaths at the end of 2020. See how that works, Stupid?
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