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  1. My girlfriend's dad sent me to a gun show in northern Wisconsin when we were at the cabin a couple weeks ago. He needed ammo too.
  2. My dump of a state is leading the way on reparations and everything stupid in politics. Coincidentally, we led the nation in background checks this year. We've had more so far this year than the next five states combined. lol.. Now that doesn't mean a lot, because we have the most strict gun buying laws in the country. Most places don't require a background check. Nonetheless, it certainly looks like people are paying attention to the media and their narrative, and are equipping themselves for when the proverbial chit hits the fan, if you ask me.
  3. Kayla Harrison will always be free money in PFL. Take the nickel on the dollar, and throw her in the parlays. This Ferreira dude fighting Werdum this week is massive. He's 6'10 with almost seven feet of reach. Werdum better dive at ankles early, or he's getting stopped.
  4. He saw Elon Musk smoke weed on Rogan's podcast, and that was it for him.
  5. It's hilarious and depressing that our country is really stupid enough to rattle on about white supremacists all day. I have to believe some moron Aryan Brotherhood members in prison think they are winning in some sort of cultural battle, all because our media paints them out to be the people in control of our country. It's ridiculous.
  6. Why do you continue to frequent this site? What gave you the impression someone here is entertained with you? Because let me speak for the group when I say the next witty thing you post will be the first witty thing you ever posted, you're as knowledgable as my dog, and I cannot find an interaction here where someone thinks your words hold value. I say this as kindly as possible, like most peope you meet in your life, we don't like you. We all wish you would **** off.
  7. Nah, Elon Musk may be involved here. @StompGrind is ALL IN!
  8. The only people doing either of these things are the TDS gang and the staunchly devoted MAGA crowd. Take a wild guess which one you are.
  9. Frankly, this is shocking... No, no it's not. This cop is going to get another trial. Watch.
  10. Classic UFC bait and switch. They knew damn well that fight wasn't happening at this upcoming PPV. If you were stupid enough to buy tickets based on that fight happening on schedule, you deserve to get screwed.
  11. Always been a massive MK fan. Love the series. Know most of the backstory very well. Holy chit, the 2021 version was ridiculous. So many weird gaps. Sub-Zero being a villain? No Johnny Cage, no Kitana. Goro being a straight up can. Kano being the best character. Throwing in random characters like Nitara just because.. It sucked. 1/5. Will not watch the sequel. 😕
  12. I went on a first date with a pretty hot chick, and I took her to Inception. We both fell asleep twice. After I woke up the second time, I poked her and we got the hell out of there without seeing the ending. lol
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