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    Human ****fighting is for heathens.

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**Next Big Thing Season 1 Champion**
**Gamblers Prediction League Season 3 Champion**
**UFC Predictions Tournament XV: Team USA vs. Team World Champion**
**UFC Predictions Tournament of Champions II Champion**
More forum awards than I care to flaunt. Just know I have more than your favorite poster.
Forum betting record: 54-9, 2 NC
Active bets: 9-0
Account, purgatory, poop eating, and Youtube bets: 7-1
Forum-wide bets: 3-2
7/26/14 - Loser Leaves the Forum bet: Manhoef - Lawler/Brown
9/27/14 - Loser Leaves the Forum bet: SteelerNation AKA Pigs_on_the_Wing - McGregor/Poirier
"God dammit, @CASHstradamus‌, stop taking these bets, seriously. We need posters." - SpartaCAN 2014
RIP schemb8 (my boo), Weidman_the_Great (x3), idyb, xfatalstrifex, Shady_Boss, HiTeMnSubMiTeM aka Wedo619, rackydj, ThunderCough, Decko, Yer_Old_Da, jblackford, Stawp, Lay_n_Pray, MarkyLaird, Andy_Anderson, NFL_FTW, NPW, MGun, MrLach and MrLach's Big Mama's bank account, SteelerNation41, Pigs-On-The-Wing, FightClubber and her sweet tits, and last but not least, Brian
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