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  1. Went frolfing with the boys the last couple days. Life goes f'in on, you paranoid ****s.
  2. Your country is comprised of just about the same numbers as mine, you dipchit. lol
  3. You must have missed World War 2. You remember... the war where we dropped the nuke? The one that where we saved you from learning German as a baby?
  4. The more stuff like that I see, the more certain I am that this Corona chit was an act of war. China is declaring World World 3 on the rest of us, and we're showing up late to the party here. I hope Trump knocks their ****ing power out for good. Kick their satellites offline, knock their cell towers out. Handle them and make them understand who's in charge here.
  5. This dude takes inbred to the next level, and he's calling other people names?? LOL
  6. It tickles me that you never figured out the reason Trump goes directly to the camera. Hint: It's because if he leaves it up to someone else, he'll be misquoted.
  8. That **** probably got a shot with it, just so he can claim he has it.
  9. MMA Mania is a dumpster fire. You should see the gambling picks every week. Fade, fade, fade. Dude is GARBAGE.
  10. The Maddow Twins doing their usual routine. lol
  11. Jon Jones' agent has notified me that Jon is willing to move into a homeless encampment to get his free ration of crack. This thing is going to be MASSIVE.
  12. I'm distributing free crack cocaine to all the competitors in the Rumble. We don't have one of those stupid Wellness Policies, or USADA nosing around. In fact, we encourage drug use. The more, the better.
  13. Submission Underground just had an event last weekend in a hollow grain silo. There was a couple Polish MMA events that happened last weekend also. Did anybody from the Brazilian UFC event get Corona? I didn't think so. The outbreak was already taking place in major countries then, as well. People are going to continue to expose themselves to the virus at grocery stores, gas stations, etc. These guys are around more people than you would need in the arena for the fights when they go to Wal-mart. It's not a team sport. You could pull it off with stationary cameras, and just the three men in the cage.
  15. SOFT. This confirms that he is really ducking the Ferguson fight. Like he ducked the MTP fight for years, like his agent has him duck everybody with a strong wrestling game for his entire UFC career. I'm tired of it.
  16. Bruh, he would have gotten released on his own recognizance in Illinois. They wouldn't have even bothered to arrest his **** in Wisconsin. Straight up would have written him a ticket and let him drive off. Mother****ers have like six DUIs and they're out driving around up there. It's just a state by state thing. He's getting to slide because some of his past chit is out of state.
  17. Did you get medicine prescribed yet? If not, I hear there's a fire fish tank cleaner you can drink. Do you have any fish at home?
  18. Did he test positive for it, or did he test negative for Flu, Strep, etc?
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