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  1. Volk vs. Zombie Max vs. Zabit Usman vs. Burns Masvidal vs. Covington Yan vs. Sterling Aldo vs. Pettis Prochazka vs. Walker
  2. Btw, I've been out and about in Chicago, Monroe, Wisconsin and Dubuque, Iowa so far this week. No mask, no problem. Still waiting to keel over. Nothing of note just yet.
  3. Children aren't as susceptible to the Ronas. Unless they're obese, have asthma already, etc. This is a running theme with the Ronas overall, if you've been paying attention. Unless the stance is that we're just done with school altogether until we eradicate this thing (likely never going to happen), I don't see a reason why we wouldn't just send them back to school on schedule. Now.... do I think that's going to happen? In my state in particular, no. We're not going back at the end of August. Our governor will stave off the restart til likely the first of the year or so. Will that 'save' anybody? No.
  4. Oh god, you're one of those?
  5. I got matched $250 by this new sportsbook in Chicago when I created an account on their app. I gambled a bit here or there over the weekend on the fights and ended up cashing it out without issue. Still have a round robin stuck on their asses too. Free opportunities are better than getting robbed by poor judging. And it reflects good on them. Will definitely draw more bettors to their site.
  6. @PlatinumClegg The first place in the U.S. to enact a stay-at-home order was Boston. (Coincidence, I'm sure..) Wuhan's lockdown lasted 16 days. What say you?
  7. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/07/ufc-251-fanduel-refunds-max-holloway-bettors-after-loss-to-alexander-volkanovski FanDuel runs my favorite sportsbook in Dubuque. You can thank me for this one.
  8. I was out until the bold part. Now.... you get my vote.
  9. He better ****ing not. But I just always get cursed when I feel like I have a fight cornered on some props. One of these idiots will get a submission or something.
  10. Shooting for the stars with boring decisions like Izzy, eh?
  11. Bruh, they got a new sportsbook in Chicago that had some really GOAT prop bets you can parlay. They had chit like "Will Masvidal win by decision?", etc. I think you know enough about fighting to realize there isn't a chance in hell Jorge wins a decision against this clown. Usman will sniff a sack or get KO'ed. The lone drawback is that they only allow you action on the props during the week of the fight. But if you're patient, you could turn that into a steady revenue stream.
  12. I caught Usman at +175 to win by decision and hedged with Masvidal by TKO at +275. This means Marty Fakenewsman is going to get another back of the head stoppage tonight. I'm sorry ahead of time.
  13. Please tell me you forgot the word doesn't in the first sentence.
  14. I feel like Mike would be better off in BKFC. I had him throw that tantrum at the restaurant to see if we could get him cut. ****s in U Fight Cheap want him to go to rehab. He didn't plunk somebody in his Mustang, he punched some fat ****r who charged him. This has nothing to do with alcohol.
  15. That card has about three watchable fights.
  16. The early prelims are especially brutal, but there are a couple later prelims that aren't terrible.
  17. That's right. Via UD. Say stupid chit below.
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