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  1. Your open to censoring religious beliefs? How very tyrannical of you!
  2. So then why did you say "Now that you mention it"? Id say your the one being vague now...
  3. No, because thats the most lame & predictable response to someone when you have nothing else to say. Sorry if I exposed the rather shallow limits of your intellectual capacity, but dont hate me for being honest. Take a hike dip****.
  4. are you Chons alt or brother? or do just tend to flock together?
  5. So now were back to you being obtuse..... Ok, thanks for playing, but **** off now. Thanks.
  6. Insults are par for the course around here - so I dont feel bad making them if they fit If you arent familiar with the subject matter then it would behoove you to inform yourself prior to asking for clarity. And for ****s sake....did you really just call me a troll? This whole forum is one big troll pit! get a ****ing clue already....
  7. Fobar - is English not your first language?? Then again, maybe I mistook you for someone who is informed to the American political environment? There is a segment of people in this country who want to change Biblical doctrine concerning homosexuality. They want it declared hate speech and make it criminal. Follow so far? These people are not looking for just tolerance of gay marriage - they want acceptance. They want the church to allow it and deem it good. hence they want to change the way the church approaches it. Follow so far?
  8. Only if you are obtuse here - let me dumb it down for you: there are those who wont stop at tolerance - they want acceptance. They also want to force the church to participate and change their ways & beliefs & brand said beliefs hate speech and make it criminal.
  9. Few would honestly argue theres no possibility of mans activity having some affect. Its the type and degree - and the assumed results - that are in question.
  10. If you already sought counsel from others in person, thats all I could hope for. Its similar to when some people seek serious advice on matters of faith - its not a very practical thing to do for someone with questions and concerns.
  11. whats vague about silencing or changing doctrine?
  12. The more hardcore activists want acceptance, and to change or silence religious doctrine. Maybe not you, or anyone you know, but just like with any other fringe issue, they dont come right out and say it, they just test the waters and plant seeds. Its the same with guns....
  13. Thats the issue many are missing that is troubling about the ruling. No, its not about equality of marriage and rights for gay people: its using the judiciary system to label and hold dissenters in contempt of law. Reasonable people can agree equality is a good thing, even if you share a different personal view. However, there is another evil lurking far greater than religious bigotry, and this one presumes it is not enough to live in tolerance alone.
  14. Bourbon Thats the only answer that matters in life And yes, I believe in climate change....aka, "weather"
  15. lol On the rare occasions I jumped into politics on here, you've always dodged direct yes or no questions with your nuanced dancing bull**** Peddle that **** elsewhere, son
  16. I already answered, dont fault me for your inability to grasp basic English or because you dont like the response Are you telling me that every single scientist that in some way agrees in climate change agrees with all the data and all conclusions? Because if thats the case, then what your really saying is there is no question or difference in findings throughout the entire scientific community, and we both know thats not the case. So, one can only logically conclude that when there are differences, there are questions remaining.
  17. Dude I have made you mad so many times I lost count To be clear - I am saying what we know is far from conclusive and the approach activists take is far from helpful. I am all about objective science, I reject agenda-driven science.
  18. So...how do you feel about our country taking a huge step forward towards social liberty (gay marriage) and a ginormous step back with our healthcare, govt & economy (obamacare)?
  19. lol theres the Chons I know and love...welcome back my man
  20. Ive seen a few insightful and spot-on posts from you, and you generally strike me as a cool customer, but I must say...I kinda agree. If I were ever truly in need of life counsel, the LAST place I would look is a forum such as this. There are all manner of considerations and things to weigh before making a serious and personal action such as this. IDGAF how smart or respectable someone is in real life, asking this question here is foolish.
  21. Oh Im sure hes in shape and will come to bang, just saying that little thing called ring rust is very real I hope he worked on his TDD & ground game during that time off
  22. Nigerian please, come up with something more original And for someone claiming a lack of seriousness, you sure do get mad at almost anything I say quite easily Go play in traffic, kid
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