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  1. Halloween Kills is a huge disappointment compared to 2018
  2. The 19th amendment was a mistake.
  3. Yeah most of my coworkers who got the shot didn't have anything. The one dude was down and out for a week or so but nothing major. I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%.
  4. Also,update on booster. Woke up this morning with chills and feeling weak. Took 1000mg Tylenol and felt good up until half an hour ago. Took more Tylenol so se should go away. Pretty much what I expected since I got the same way the first two times.
  5. I got a away from working with administration when I took a weekend job a few months ago. Best decision I ever made. Work fri/sat/sun 3p-3a, get paid for 40 and not have to deal with the cucks high up besides some doctors who are shills. Most stay away from me with their chit cause I have a reputation. Lol
  6. Zantac and Chantix come to mind when people keep spewing the FDA approval nonsense. Both cause cancer and Chantix especially has increased rates of suicides that are linked.
  7. Of course. It's no different than the flu shot and being able to transmit it still. The media likes to only give partials to make the unvaccinated seem like killing machines and morons like some in this thread are regurgitating it.
  8. The problem is that almost every hospital receives government handouts.
  9. The same thing that is happening to the governors who required nursing homes to take covid positive patients. Nothing.
  10. Our hospital system merged with a smaller community hospital about three years ago. They were non-union so they got to choose whether to stay that way or they could individually opt into the union. Most of them stayed non-union. Some of them decided to transfer to my hospital for more experience and whatnot. The only advantage the union nurses have over the non union ones are that they get 1 extra paid vacation day a year. Howerver, they just gave out bonuses due to covid and only the non-union workers got it. It was like $1500.00 or something like that. There was a lot of violent outbursts from the union workers wondering where their bonuses were. There's also another hilarious issue going on where they're hiring brand new graduate nurses from the hospitals RN program with $25,000 sign on bonuses paid out over 1 year ($12.5 after 6 months and then the other $12.5 after a year) as long as they agree to work for the hospital system for 5 years plus they'll pay for any further education 100%. . All the old heads are fuming and vow to make their life's hell but are threatened by management that if they get one report of bullying or harassment they will be fired on the spot which I agree with. I will say I'm happy for my nurse friends as I was one myself before being a PA. Its about time they get paid what they're worth. $70k a year is chit for what you deal with and especially now and most of them are leaving the hospital to take agency or traveling nurse gigs on contract,some of them are making $15k a week including stipends for housing and whatnot. I haven't talked to my cousin who is a mailman for USPS about the local fiasco in regards to vaccines and whatnot but I could imagine its getting pretty spicy considering a good chunk of my area never wore masks and wasn't taking the shot. It's funny how many people here support unions but are right wingers and become visibly confused when I tell them that the major unions in PA donated close to $12 million to Governor Wolf's last run and that they also donated money to planned Parenthood. I really can foresee the Healthcare industry collapsing soon and I couldn't be happier. Maybe if they treated all of us (including the docs) properly all these years people wouldn't have fled and went agency or traveling. Now they're paying sometimes $300/hr for RNs ,(usually $120ish/,hr for thr nurse and the rest goes to the agency). Who would have guessed just just giving people cold pizza parties for their hardwork would have backfired? Lol.
  11. Can you imagine supporting any politician not named Ron Paul? Although Spike Cohen has been making me erect with some of his recent posts and whatnot.
  12. The unions aren't saving the nurses at my hospital from getting terminated for refusing the vaccine. 🤷‍♂️
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