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  1. True. Which makes it really horrendous that blacks commit 52% of all murders and only make up 13% of the population.
  2. They do kill more whites than blacks.
  3. They'll be begging for the police to come back when they realize that the Kyle Rittenhouses will just blow their brains all over the place. I truly believe we need a purge.
  4. Lol so they're calling to abolish the police in Chicago. @cashfl0w is this reality?
  5. Paul is knocking this idiot out COLD. Me and @Banham discuss this chit indepth via an exclusive xbox live party. Askren stands NO CHANCE
  6. But he didn't pack thw court. He replaced Ruth Bader finsburgs position after she died. The democrats want to add four more.
  7. No one is really talking about how the dems want to add more scj.
  8. I feared for my life and my families life.
  9. If blacks put as much energy into bettering themselves instead of crying and rioting all the time, they might not be laughed at all the time.
  10. I'm hearing that Blackie had a warrant out for his arrest not just for an "illegal" weapon but for robbing a woman at gunpoint.
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