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  1. Lots of developers are having a hard time with the Series S right now. Here's a good video. im waiting for DFs official breakdown myself but this is concerning for people who are getting an S and expecting straight up 1440p.
  2. I seriously hope no one bought a Series S here. Reports are showing that some games are running sub HD to hit 60fps
  3. Agreed. Im a cop hater 10000% but I call a spade a spade. Dude not only was a low life but was coming at them with a knife. He got diggled
  4. I just looked up this Walter Wallace criminal record in the PaEDocket and he was a swell fellow for sure. A real loss to society.
  5. I swear Elegant Elliot Offen is Wickels. Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt
  6. Case in point, the AVS forum i go on is like the USSR. You post prices you paid for your TV and you get bant, off topic post? Bant, flame war? Bant.
  7. This country needs a cleaning out anyway. Let the Purge begin m8
  8. Nope. Im about two hours from Philly. They know better than to come this way.
  9. Thoughts from the Democrats on the forum since Trump is touted as being a fascist?
  10. Lol cringe. Justin lost his soul during that fight. I just think he's too stupid to realize it.
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