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  1. I kind of hoped this fiasco would last longer. I'm making a **** ton of money from the hazard pay and bonuses despite not having a hospital case in a week.
  2. I saw a tweet about possible feds dressed as normal people stirring the pot.
  3. Battle of Target circa 2020, colorized
  4. The one incident where the ****s were open carrying at the protest, there wasn't one tear gas cannister shot by police. They were scared, and should be. Like SVT says, this looting chit gives all of us a bad name. And now you have BLM throwing their weight around and a lot of them showed up. Sorry but I'm not standing by an organization that openly said they hate whites either. Theres a big discussion regarding the Boogaloo and how we are all in this together and racists aren't allowed, yet the Boogbois are ok with standing by BLM. I ain't doing it. I'm against what happened and hope the pigs get what they deserve but ill never stand next to a racist organization.
  5. Yeah thats what gets me too. I was talking to my mother about this yesterday. There were hundreds of people there apparently. Could have easily stopped the cops. The problem is that people are conditioned to think that cops are the be all end all and that force or deadly force can no way shape or form be used against them if they are going to unjustly kill someone.
  6. I will give it to them however. They aren't like white people. When Duncan Lemp was murdered in his sleep, whites just brushed it off and only a handful showed up to protest. These tootsie roll looking mfers have unity on their side and thats commendable.
  7. These jigs in MN would actually have my support if they drug these cops out on the street and caved their heads in with bricks instead of looting and destroying small businesses and private property. They don't care about George Floyd or what the protests are actually supposed to stand for. They only care about personal gain.
  8. Donated to Jo Jorgensen today. She has my vote this year.
  9. I dont put much stock in those losses. He came to bang and was acting like an idiot. I think the top 3 LWs right now wouldn't get touched by the rest of the LW division. By top 3 I mean Khabib, Gaethje, Ferguson. The only competition they have is each other at this point IMO.
  10. I could also put Gaethje on there somewhere in the top 10 if he beats Khabib. Smashing Tony and beating Khabib would be a huge milestone. If Khabib beats Gaethje that's a bigger win than beating Tony by 1000000 miles. There's been so many great fighters its hard for me to fill out the rest of my list past my top 3.
  11. I mentioned Silva. I don't put him in the same Era as Jones eventhough Jones has been champ for a long time. My list is: 1. GSP 2. Silva 3. Fedor 4. Jones 5. Hughes???? Not sure. No doubt Francis kills Jones btw. If Stipe beats DC again and Francis id probably put him as number 5.
  12. I agree. As much as I hate him he is probably thee only Modern-day goat
  13. Not to mention that golf is for betas. I could see him playing hockey or video games but GOLF?
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