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  1. I'm a Dagastan fan boy but I'm a RDA fan also. I kind of want RDA to win but Mak is the future.
  2. Good title fight. Gonna see how Vettori handles if the pressure of his first title defense.
  3. He will make a presidential run In a few years. They should make his brother run the story on CNN
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/science/inbreeding-study-uk-dna-university-queensland-biobank-genes-incest-a9091561.html%3famp 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  5. Kevin was pieing Tony before the sepsis set in and his body shut down. Conor was always a can. He crushes them both.
  6. Chandler is a cuck. Gotta go with Sloth for this one. Heyyy you guyyyysss
  7. I like Stipe but in reality he got dusted in the first fight by DC and then was losing every round of the second fight until he cheated and hit DC in his weak spot (the gut). The only one that's gonna stop Francis is a roided Reem tbh.
  8. Well Conor fans constantly think he's a God after tapping to stringbean Diaz and then a neck crank from Mcgagger. So there's that. The quitting mentality is where we are at.
  9. Could you imagine if an Iranian or Iraqi did this chit? Didn't a Olympic wrestler from Iran get diggled recently too? They'd have either heads cut CLEAAAANNNN off
  10. Imagine thinking Trump is a conservative. Republicans haven't been conservatives for about 40 years. Libertarians are the conservatives of the right wing.
  11. If you're still a liberal commie lover in 2021, you're an idiot.
  12. I disagree about the wet back decision. I think it was a draw. Probably thr most clear cut draw in UFC history. Easy 10-8 for Phillips in round 1 and 10-9 for Paiva the last two rounds. I guess Phillipw has an argument for round 2 but he was getting rocked and I believe either dropped or wobbled pretty good. I wanna see that fight again. Both looked good.
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