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  1. Islam Makhachev will get the LW title soon enough. These other bums are just keeping it warm.
  2. Well in all fairness me and Banham usually do everything for the team like getting parts, repairing vehicles, putting in the phone fuse, calling Jarvis, etc etc etc etc. These leeches just hide in a house and do nothing waiting to either catch a ride from us or escape when the cops show up. Also, 90% of these Jason's we play against are absolutely garbage. We usually have more kills than he has. One lobby last night Banham had 5 kills just running cucks over and jason only caught one body. I could only imagine what's going through their mind seeing all the bodies laid all.over the place with tire marks on their heads lol
  3. Me and Banham got back into playing Friday the 13th after almost two years off. We only are in it to grief people by running them over with the car. We got 18 team kills tonight in the first hour of playing and about 70 in the past few days. I don't know how we aren't shadow banned yet. Here's the clips I caught of the best ones. https://xboxclips.co/godlordpaddock# And this is the best one: https://xboxclips.co/godlordpaddock/ddad216d-3aaf-4c63-b66f-14d0051a9b2d Jarvis was thinking he was gonna shoot us after we ran him over previously and spawned back in. He was sadly mistaken.
  4. They might m8. I really have no dog in either fight to be honest. I'm going with the more jacked fighter in Chandler and Ferguson is due for a win but will hopefully lose.
  5. Chandler Ferg Who cares about the rest of the card?
  6. Yep, fighting a war against people who throw rocks at planes.
  7. We all know that monkeys are protected by the media and most politicians today. Their actions have little consequences. Look at new York. Letting murderers out of jail before a trial. Crime up 300%, murders up 150%. These aren't your working class committing these crimes. It's the blacks and white monkeys who are doing this.
  8. Funny how the Biden nut huggers are parading around about him "bringing the troops home" when Ron Paul wanted that almost 10 years ago. Where were all you anti-war mutes then?
  9. That monkey would have ate a bullet the minute she came upto my car.
  10. You have about as much say as someone from a chithole likE the UK.
  11. Imagine being from a state like California and thinking you have any say in what type of guns people should and shouldn't own.
  12. They probably make more money off of incarcerations
  13. Lol.at the idiots thinking Biden won't raise taxes on people making less than 400k a year. This clown is gonna raise them on peoole making 30k a year. Eliminating Trumps tax cuts hurts EVERYONE, not only the "rich". You clowns were played.
  14. It's true. I'm here LIVE
  15. Lol Khaz is gonna rip his Angus to shreds
  16. He just twisted his ankle.
  17. And thank GOD for THUG ROSE putting that commies lights out.
  18. King Colby is going to smash that idiot in the rematch. Beating Masvidal is like beating up your local school yard bully.
  19. That's what Weidman gets for ducking Vitor for years until his natural testosterone level went down to practically nothing
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