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  1. Magpuls site had me ****ing TRIGGERED today. Keep on trying to order stuff and it constantly going in and out of stock. Ended up getting all my furniture on cabelas website needless to say.
  2. Greased up my ACR to he put away for a while. Gonna bring out the TAVOR for summer duty.
  3. Man, you really love blacks. Smgdh bro, what has society done to you.
  4. The point stands that you morons want statues removed of confederate generals and whatnot and one if the laughing points is because theyre losers but yet love communism, socialism, and lolBernie Sanders. Get wrecked.
  5. Whats your point? They were doing it to each other for years and years. We slaughtered all those betas.
  6. Talk about losers getting participation trophies...
  7. oh and @Bwana Trumo said the other day another stimulus is coming. Which is cringe. But whatever.
  8. Pigs in my area start at $14/hr unless you're a state cop which requires an associates
  9. The Democrats wanted to close the economy and they have it now. Tough ****. People should never had made more in unemoloyment than a majority of people still working. You're right, someone is going to have to pay for it all, the upper rich and rich, just like always. Bloated spending by the last three administrations (Bush, Obama, Trump) caused a majority of this. I dont care about the stimulus as I never will get one and pay in every year.
  10. Lmfao at thinking the government will be responsible enough to balance a budget. Yikesss.
  11. I've done some trigger work on my USP45's and Glocks in the past. Also planning on polishing the parts in my 92fs tomorrow if time allows.
  12. Also, the dealer that does my transfers is trying to rape people on ammo. $200 for 200 rounds for Winchester 5.56. Cringe. Also has federal 5.56 1000 rounds for $800. Good thing I have more ammo than all of my area combined. 👨‍🦼👨‍🦼👨‍🦼👨‍🦼👨‍🦼
  13. Possible gun pick ups shortly and ones on order: Order: 1. S&W Sport 2 AR15 I have colts, Noveskes, Daniel Defense, SCAR, ACR, Tavor but wanted a pinker to teach the woman on and bling out with stupid ****. Future purchase: 1. Canik 2. P-10c Not really anything else I want. I have all the Glocks, H&KS, CZs, Sigs anyone could ever want. Funny enough I only have one 1911. Dan Wesson in 10mm. Not a fan of 1911's.
  14. Speaking of worst guns designs in the past decade, the S&W shield EASY is complete trash..
  15. speaking of CZ, their striker fired gun line is the best on the market. Had the chance to shoot a friend's P-10F the other day and it was amazing. Probably gonna scoop up a P-10c in the near future.
  16. I dont find stock CZ triggers bad at all. I know all about CGW. I had a Shadow 2 worked on by them. IMO their steel guns like the 75 and sp01 have good triggers but their poly guns aren't the best. Good enough for their purpose as i don't run P09 or P07 in comp.
  17. Gaethje would lose to Kevin Lee *drops mic*
  18. Lol Trump just smeshed all of you libtards
  19. Lol at thinking a moron like JG could stop Khabibs takedowns. Dude would get smashed badly if it turned into a grappling match. He would tire that mentally crippled fruitcake out so bad he might just kill him. Now go get shot again by some spook and be a disgrace to the whites.
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