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  1. I appreciate it bro. We signed up for this knowing someday it may come to this. Let's hope for the best!
  2. I'm alive yet m8. At work now. Pretty uneventful around me so far.
  3. Aldp is gonna carve this scumbag into itty bitty pieces of sausage
  4. I heard they increased the possible stimulus to $1500 per person and $1500 per kid upto 3 kids.
  5. Tonights my first night back to work after being off since the 12th. I'm in the ICU tonight so I'll get the info if we have anyone in our place. No one texted me from work to tell me we did so I'm assuming we are good for now. We have tents set up outside that are screening people before allowing them in the ER. Thw hospital up the line from me had 3 last week and a Dr from a local doctors office tested positive for it this week and a bunch of people were notified they might have been exposed. I'm expecting an uptick this week at our joint.
  6. Word has it that some hospitals are turning people away that have Flu like symptoms. Urgent care places turning people away even if they have a cough and aren't even there for flu like symptoms.
  7. 6 people in my county tested positive today and one includes a doc at my hospital. RIP
  8. I wouldn't doubt of "go outside and fire two shots into the air and scare them away" Joe would beat Trump at this point tbh.
  9. I'd love to see Clegg bust that ****es face in bad. It would be equality at its finest.
  10. I dont think you're wrong m8. My stupid ****ing work let some IDIOT come back to work after being on a cruise and let them work 4 days until they told her that she has to stay home for two weeks.
  11. Lol California gunship owner rips these newbie first time Liberal limp wristed foglets a new fart box for idyb to tongue punch
  12. All gun laws are infringements m8. And sure, any state should be allowed to pass any laws they want. That doesnt mean that the people running the state shouldn't be blood eagled or tossed into a wood chipper.
  13. Wait, not to deflect the threarld about guns but where were you two months ago when the Virginia rally was going on? That wasn't going on for no reason at all m8. Ralphie was going heavy after guns. Kentucky and NC too. That died down for now, but let's not act like it's not happening m8
  14. They can confiscate these nuts
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