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  1. Just saved lives in a level one trauma center all weekend. Nothing compared to your benching your tranny but I'll take my beta status like a beta would and go cry in a corner.
  2. Aldo gonna Brazilian drug cartel this can via chainsaw.
  3. I came to bang with the fourth boss and he just jumped off the platform like a can. He knew my standup was too stronk. What class you make m10?
  4. Randy McRanderson m8. I'm mad mad and my jimmies are viced mate.
  5. Where do I rank in the Plebarian Weight Division?
  6. While Bloodborne is hard. Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 have it beat by a long shot in toughness.
  7. Didn't you know that us fighting game players are swimming in 10\10's and hentais on a daily basis m8?
  8. If a man would have done this he would have gotten the death penalty. Same thing for Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony.
  9. What a GOAT. First he sports DOS SanGOATS av, then he smashes twitter plebs, now he's on here nuking them jimmies.
  10. Gus is one of my favorites but he got flushed. Id like to see a rematch in the future but Rumble got him this time.
  11. I think what makes me sick aout all these cases whether the shootings are warranted or not is how the public treats each other over it. We have blacks attacking whites over it, which is the same thing as cops attacking blacks. Politicians are eating thus stuff up, all the hate against each other is only covering up all thenevil that they are doing and taking attention away from their doings.
  12. I mean this cop is a scum no doubt. But the media is focusing on one side of the spectrum.
  13. I wonder how many whites have been murdered by blacks since this came out in the news and no one cares? Sounds like discrimination tew me. *sips tea*
  14. ShoGOAT as a HOF inductee for stomping heads in in Pride, making Mapeeda go limp, and banging for five with Hendgod.
  15. How you liking it so far m8? I just started my GOAT Souls dueces run tewday. I think I like DS2 better than GOATborne now that I have the time to play it.
  16. GOAT thread. Philadelphia fans are a cancer to the world of sports.
  17. He should sign with the WWE where the real competition is.
  18. Hes an ancestor of GSP, what do you expect?
  19. Guy probably ended up on the bottom of the pacific with cement shoes on after the shoe but he will always be in my heart.
  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V_96_ITeIFo
  21. On secomd thought I realized that this m8 squats a tousand pounds m8. He must be 210lb of only muscle to do that. Even the great BBC Ronnie Coleman can't do that. Im officially withdrawing from the fight I proposed on grounds of me being a beta and a can. #LightweightBabbbbyyyy
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