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  1. Yeah i got pulled over once and told the cop to stand on my passenger side because traffic was flying and we were halfway out in the lane. He didn't listen and said he was gonna be OK. Two seconds after he got in his car a Jeep flew by and took out his mirror and came within inches of hitting my car. At the time I had my arm out the window smoking a cigarette and pulled it in right when he was getting in his car. Needless to say the pig came back and said have a good day and wemt after the guy who hit his cruiser. His mirror went flying like a bullet. Stupid idiot could have been killed.
  2. Lol at thinking being harassed by a pig and thinking threatening physical violence against the guy was warranted. ****ing YIKES.
  3. How does boot leather taste?
  4. Surreeeeeeee Dems have escalated every violent protest in this country for the past 35 years. If we started this chit in January in Virginia we would have been shot. They were quick to put ole whitey in a cage near the capital of Virginia ehhh?
  5. Dude should have pulled out a piece and stuck it down that pigs throat. I hope jigs and cops kill each other so us white straight males can live peacefully in this country.
  6. They just had jigs burn cities to the ground and attack innocent people.
  7. Like you can't even make this chit up anymore. The left bashing Trump for taking a picture with a Bible at a church and then q few days later they wear some jig scarf around their necks kneeling in predetermined areas. The left really are mentally ill. I honestly think another 4 years of Trump will make them go full bonkers.
  8. TrUmP iS jUSt At ThE cHuRcH fOr A pHoTo Op
  9. DC was winning every second of that second fight until Stipe got him. I think DC wins but it will be a good scrap Hopefully DC retires if he loses.
  10. speaking of crossfit, I didnt realize there was that many betas here that didn't use proper form. Too bad my niğa @Banham ain't here to help me school you soy boy raggits
  11. Any vegan who has gains is on the juice. Theres not one natty vegan body builder in the galaxy. Plant protein is GARBAGE
  12. I dont know how i quoted myself but **** it
  13. In all fairness, the coronavirus is a hoax. The national average age of mortality is 76. In my hospital it is 82. Most that were younger and got it recovered fully with no long term effects. I guess we will see after the protests if numbers surge. Its gonna be a tough one for the left to call. Will they say numbers went up in areas that protested? Or will they stay quiet because Black Lips Matter??
  14. Theyre commies. Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers, Khabib. All communist. Get the helicopter ready Pinochet, there's a bunch you need to toss.
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