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  1. That's the other major hospital in my area that just had three cases today that aren't official CDC tests but a test they made on their own.
  2. https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/montour-county/three-patients-with-presumed-positive-cases-of-coronavirus-at-geisinger-danville/523-da43274e-f663-4322-9bff-b3bedd659aed
  3. Also, who's saying tests don't exist? Lol. My hospital and a major one up the line developed their own test for covid. We just aren't going to give a test to anyone out of thin air because someone comes in with flu symptoms. We are going to test them for Flu A/B, RSV, give a chest X-ray and run a CBC, BMP, Lactic Acid test FIRST and if they come back negative/normal we will test for covid. That's EXACTLY what they did with me and my fiancee on Sunday and Tuesday. Not only is covid going around but Flu A is hitting HARD right now in PA. Both have similar symptoms.
  4. I also think it's funny that theres an increase in gun sales amongst blue states. Gonna be funny when one of them retards shoots themselves in the foot or blows their balls off appendix carrying.
  5. Lol stockpiling food my dude? Come to PA and you can dine like a king with Roids on the finest hospital food this side of the Schuylkill river!
  6. So what are yas gonna do about it? There's millions of yas pissed off, why aren't yas doing something? Afraid of the government?
  7. I see a lot of people, both right wingers and left wingers trying to explain to people what's going on when they barely made it past high school Bio and then pointing fingers at people when none were pointed at Obama in 2009 after 4000 people died. Everyone needs to just shut the **** up about how to treat it, how to diagnosis yourself, how to utilize precautions. Let the big boy chit upto the healthcare and science peeps and go crawl in your houses and jerk off ten times an hour. ?
  8. Well then serve yourself to the Earth m8, voluntarily
  9. Ital has the second oldest population of any country.
  10. Yeah im getting both. Xbox for multiplats and PS5 for exclusives. Gonna be a good gen
  11. I was on the Walker train hard and I thought after his loss he would get back on track but he looks worse. Too scared to bang and no TDD. Dude was wolf tickets.
  12. Dude always sucked. That's why I laughed in everyone's face when they said he was gonna be Khabib. His pathetic stuff double leg takedowns are good against cans like tony but against someone who isnt a retard, he is useless. How can someone who weighs as much as my left nut have the cardio of a 70 year old chain smoker with COPD.
  13. Cringe. Dude should suck on an exhaust pipe.
  14. I have an old PRE-b from around 92 and also a P-01 that I carried for about three years before everyone got into them. I'm probably getting a Bren 805 next. Gotta compliment the ACR lol
  15. I meant driver's licenses m8. They'd never get me to pay for firearms permits.
  16. Unfortunately they dont stay out of our lives. They're acting like it's some great gesture here in PA to push back license expirations till the end of next month. If I dont have free time to go get mine done when they say it's good, i guess my license will be expired. ?‍♂️
  17. I doubt I'll ever see any of this stimulus money (which was stolen from us workers in the first place) but if I do end up with an extra thousand, I'm gonna buy a new CZ 75B.
  18. The hardest decision I'm having right now is deciding what gun loadout I'm gonna rock in case someone wants to come out to Roids country and try to loot me. ?
  19. What its gonna be like going to a grocery store soon:
  20. I have symptoms. I woke up yesterday morning with a fever, coughing, runny nose, lung soreness from coughing. I got my fever to break this morning around 3am but by the time I got to the hospital and waited it was 101.3 again. He said he wanted to play it safe and swabbed me for Flu and RSV and make sure it's not Corona hiding in disguise. I got a liter of fluids through an IV (which took them three sticks to get because I was dehydrated.) He was gonna put me on Tamiflu to see if the symptoms would ease up but then thought it over and outweighed the pros and cons and said to just push through. Definetly go get swabbed if you feel "fluy".
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