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  1. My hospital is going into isolation mode. Rumor has it a patient is infected. I'll keep yas updated as I get info.
  2. He takes one step forward and 15 steps back.
  3. Yeah man get tested early. I saw a case this morning on the news while at work where a 60ish year old guy had symptoms and got tested, it came back negative and they let him go home. He got worse over a weeks time and then got retested and he tested positive. Two of the things I was thinking about today are mail workers and MONEY. My cousin works for USPS as a mail man and is worried. Money never gets sanitized so theres that threar that a lot of people are over looking. I'd try to use debit/credit cards for a while to be honest.
  4. Wheres your proof? Also, we are being locked down as of midnight.
  5. Nah. Unless you're over 50, have existing respiratory issues, or immunocompromised, theres no need to panic.
  6. We had our daily covid meeting today and video conference with other hospitals. We are immediately locking down. Not letting visitors into the hospital unless there is a change in their families condition. We are also ramping upto temp check everyone who comes in, including staff upto five times during a shift.
  7. I was thinking that but I doubt Dana would go along with that. I think this fight is cursed.
  8. I have a feeling 249 is getting cancelled due to the lolcoronavirus. That's all I had to say
  9. Its funny though because unions typically support Dems. In PA here unions gave like 7 million to Wolf. I guess Biden thought he was gonna walk into a friendly zone because of that.
  10. Here's your frontrunner for the Democrat side getting worked over by union workers.
  11. Do I think he looked good in that fight? No. Do I think Izzy is a cowardly can that talks chit and then chits themself when confronted? Yeah
  12. Izzy is a puccy. He will be running for his bum life against Costa. His chin is chit and got wobbled by a dude that is 3 feet tall. Costa will mush that idiots brains.
  13. Yeah I mean I've seen my share of people walk out of a bathroom at different places without washing their hands after taking a chit. It's not like some people aren't already filthy pigs.
  14. Also, lol at people wearing plain surgical masks. They do nothing for this virus. You need the N95 masks. And good luck wearing them in extended periods. Idiots.
  15. Well it's starting now at my hospital. They are funneling all staff and visitors through the main entrance and questioning us if we have been out of the country, have any s/s of respiratory illness, fever, etc. It's a state regulation that this is happening and this is level 1. No one is allowed to come in through alternate entrances into the hospital. Level 2 is temperatures on EVERYONE who enters the building. I dont even know what level 3 is. To be honest, most of us in healthcare are laughing at this and the stupidity of the common people buying up all this hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, etc etc. It's kind of concerning that people are just now taking hand hygiene and respiratory precautions now, almost like they lived like slobs their whole lives and didnt use hygiene previously. 3M is laughing all the way to the bank, along with the people who make Purell and disinfectant. It's a joke.
  16. Lol at people defending Izzy. Shows who the cowards are on the forums.
  17. All that trash talk and he was terrified of engaging a senior citizen. Costa is going to leave him dripping.
  18. Picked up my ACR today
  19. Izzy is overrated. Kelvin would have beat him if there wasn't a 2 foot height disadvantage.
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