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  1. This dude has the worst luck ever or they're literally trying to kill him tbh.
  2. While all the old cucks are hiding in their mansions, Rand is giving back.
  3. Mark my words, Tony is getting dropped and hes not getting up this time. His deal with the devil has ended, contract void.
  4. Yeah because beating Cerrone, getting mauled by Pettis, and pied by Lee makes you the champ. Smh cash. What have you become?
  5. Gaethje vs Khabib would be a bigger fight than Turd vs Khabib. Even fookin' Terry Schaivo knows that Tonu was gonna DIE in that cage on the 19th if he fought Khabib. Atleast Gaethje will have a good fight with 'Beeb.
  6. Nah they're just betas and dying easily
  7. Agreed. If hes in the ICU is worse than they're saying. We have designated area in our hospital for government officials and when one was in a couple years ago they lies through their teeth and didnt even have a physician that was employed by the hospital give the statement. It was an "actor" so they could say what they wanted.
  8. I just heard just now that he isn't on a vent. He is on O2 via nasal cannula which is means lung involvement. The UKs death rate is horrendous. 50k cases and 5k deaths. Not good. 10% is what Italy was trending at. Could.be a disaster.
  9. Stay safe homie. You have two babies that need ya m8.
  10. They're all trash IMO. Carlos Newton would have body bagged all if them in his prime.
  11. Yeah that's my point. Why put their lives at risk? I think I had one piece of mail in a weeks time.
  12. @12er any validity to the postal service being closed down around June?
  13. There are hospitals that ran out of regular surgical masks and tried to make ICU nurses go into patients that are positive. There was a video on CBS news about it. Surgical masks are about 90% effective against viruses and N95 masks are 95% effective apparently I just found two new 3m N95 masks I had that I was gonna use to paint one of my guns with. I have three total I'm stashing away incase this chithole runs out. I have one at work with me because they're trying to make us wear the cheap medline N95 masks.
  14. Just bought two CZ 75b handguns off of Buds. The CZ 75 SP01 Urban grey tactical and a regular CZ75B. Been getting tired of HK recently.
  15. I see blue lips in Furys future, blue lips.
  16. They're not gonna do that. The UFC isnt about fighting anymore. they're about promoting and making money. This whole, "the fight will go on no matter what" was a publicity stunt to draw attention to the UFC. Dana, Khabib, and Turd are all in on this. They wanted more attention to be stirred up for this fight IMO. They need people like us running this company. People that actually give a **** about the game. Not some bald wannabe jew.
  17. Did anyone actually think this event would take place? Every other sport is closed down. It was the responsible thing from the beginning to cancel this. This fight deserves to be hyped and have a packed crowd.
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